Slaughtered: – Garbage

Slaughtered: – Garbage

Just a few weeks ago, Apple launched a new iPhone. Four new iPhone 15 models were launched here, along with several new Apple Watch, AirPods and iPhone cases.

The latter usually comes from either silicone or leather.

But now the leather cover has been replaced with a new material “FineWoven”, which means fine weave in Norwegian.

The material of the new cover is made of durable and durable fabric and the surface resembles suede. The new material was designed with the environment in mind, according to Apple.

It’s also made with 68 percent recycled content, giving a much lower carbon footprint compared to leather. These are some of what Apple highlighted at the launch event, at which DinSide was present.

Test: Finally, Apple

– awesome

Although the packaging is supposed to be more environmentally friendly, it has received heavy criticism in recent days.

Many have noticed that the cover looks worn and scratched after a few days of use. the edge He refers to the new accessory as “absolutely terrible.”

– I think Apple made a good choice by discontinuing leather covers, but FineWoven is not the premium alternative we were looking for, believes the journalist at The Verge.



It lasted for a week

The Verge aren’t the only ones skeptical of Apple’s latest cover. One CNET journalist I noticed that Apple’s round wireless charger left a round mark on the case after only one week of use.

The cover price is NOK 799. A report that many customers don’t seem to like Interested in trade. According to the newspaper, several people complained on Reddit, with one user asking why the Apple logo on the cover looks so dirty and washed when it’s new.

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-This cover looks like trash, One writes.

Apple has not yet commented on this issue. But on Product Description They write the following:

“This case is made of durable material that protects your iPhone. The soft fabric material can wear over time. When you use the MagSafe accessory, it will leave small marks and marks. If you want to avoid this, we recommend you use a silicone case or a clear iPhone case 15 Pro.

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