Ariana Grande improvised in “Don’t Look” – VG

Ariana Grande improvised in "Don't Look" - VG
The Talent: Ariana Grande improvises so she gets pregnant in the new blockbuster “Don’t Look Up”.

It’s not just the veterans who excel in the big winter movie. Ariana Grande (28) surprised the star team with such impressive improvisation that they included it in the final product.


Netflix’s satirical “Don’t Look Up” offers everything from top-notch actors to behind-the-scenes fun.

The film is about a giant meteor about to hit the Earth, and two scientists are trying to convince the residents of the impending disaster.

has now Netflix revealed some interesting details About Ariana Grande’s contribution to the film, reports from the inside.

She plays the role of eccentric pop idol Riley Pena. Do we believe? Buzzfeed Should Riley Pena be an exaggerated version of who we think Ariana Grande is?

IMPRO: According to Buzzfeed, the film’s director says that the pop singer invented the majority of his lines himself.

-Of course it makes sense that the world’s biggest pop star would play the world’s biggest pop star in the movie as well, says director Adam McKay.

McKay says he was confident Grande would master “Just Look Up,” but her sultry talent took him to bed completely.

The director says Grande devised lines herself, but was hit on the floor when she improvised during a concert scene with DJ Cello, performed by rapper Kid Cody.

Listen to the song here:

Ariana Grande is totally impromptu. In fact, it was her best improvisation when she first sang the song, says McKay.

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– She was the one who came up with the idea, “We’re all going to die.” And secondly, hearing what she was singing, I thought, “That’s going to be in the movie.”

When Riley Pena sings “Turn off the dirty box news because you’re all going to die soon enough,” it’s one of Macy’s favorite moments in the entire movie, he says.

Star cast: Leonardo DiCaprio will also have improvised streaks in the movie, according to Adam McKay

anyway VG reviewers didn’t like the movie, is still a huge hit, according to Netflix. At the moment, the third appears on the strength side.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Who is actually a known climate activist?Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Jonah Hill and Timothée Chalamet himself were seen in the movie.

On social media, it has been praised for being an apt description and parallel to one of the biggest crises of our time, the climate crisis.

It is also not the first time that Ariana Grande has showcased her acting talent. After all, she began her career as an actress of the Nickelodeon children’s channel.

Grande’s red-haired character Cat Valentine on the TV series Victorious and Sam and Cat is perhaps the most memorable.

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