Arsenal English Premier League | The Arsenal player's fiancé is fed up with the comments: – I can't be with you

Arsenal English Premier League |  The Arsenal player's fiancé is fed up with the comments: – I can't be with you

The duo is one of the couples taking part in the Amazon series “Married to the Game” and Harding gained a lot of traction in the comments section after the airtime.

She has several times shared clips on her own channels and has been accused of being with the Premier League star for anything but love. The couple met on a dating app in 2020 and plan to marry in 2025.

In a longer text, she describes her boyfriend's qualities and jokingly writes that he also has good financial resources. It's player money that constantly becomes a topic in Harding's comments section.

“He has really good energy and guess what…he's rich too! I think I won the lottery.”

He joked about the video break-in

There's no doubt that the Brit is fed up with the comments she's been receiving lately.

“Good luck everyone out there. Keep playing and maybe you'll be as lucky as me one day. Until then, you can keep writing your sad comments online.”

Shortly after, Harding shared a new video with Jorginho, in which she says she can't be with him anymore. They both burst out laughing when she concluded that he had “a lot of money.”

In the background of the videos shared by the soccer lady, ABBA's song “Money, Money, Money” plays.

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Peace in December

So these comments came after the movie “Married to the Game” was shown on Amazon. The series follows several famous footballers and their partners on and off the field. Among other things, Harding shares how she met the Arsenal star, and the series also shows clips from her birthday, where Jorginho sent cards and gifts to his chosen one, while he himself was on football duty.

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They got engaged last year, after a big proposal, which was also filmed by a camera crew.

In addition to the duo among others Riyad Mahrez and Ilkay Gundogan participates in the series.

Jorginho joined Arsenal from Chelsea last year and then signed a contract that expires at the end of the current season. according to GivemeSport website. The 32-year-old earns around £110,000 a week.

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