Norwegian Ski Association, Arne Boman | Roper has a million-dollar salary at the Ski Association, but he will not disclose employee salaries

Norwegian Ski Association, Arne Boman |  Roper has a million-dollar salary at the Ski Association, but he will not disclose employee salaries

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Beitostollen/Oslo (Netafsen): The ski association is in a serious financial situation and has to cut costs.

In this regard, Netavesin asked the Federation to obtain an insight into the evolution of the salaries of several managers in administration, as well as sports management over the past five years.

The Ski Association will not move forward with it.

– The Ski Federation does not want to disclose the salaries of its employees, as it is a matter between the employer and the employee, as General Secretary Baumann told Netafsen.

However, Baumann says he himself earns NOK 1.5 million as general secretary, while ski boss Tove Moe Dierhoog’s pay is 14 GK, which equates to more than NOK 1.6 million.

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– Must have good management

The Ski Board agreed as recently as September that action was needed as a result of the association’s current difficult financial situation.

CFO Mats Nesatter said at the same meeting that forecasts for 2023 show a potential deficit of NOK 13 million – NOK 3 million worse than previously expected.

The association has already begun taking cost-saving measures. However, whether it is appropriate to cut wages in management is unclear.

– How do you view the management levels and salaries in the Ski Association? Are there opportunities for discounts there?

– We have to look at everything, everything we have in terms of cost, but I think we must also remember that if we want to succeed as a leather nation, we must have the best people with us. We must have great coaches if we want to operate at a world level and we must have good management. “Then there is its market price,” Baumann tells Netafcen.

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– Hence the Ski Association is not the salary leader. “Take me for granted when I came here, I didn’t come here for the salary,” says the Secretary-General.

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– I don’t want to get into this discussion

The former Obos manager is clear that he himself wants to be open about his own salary.

– Earn 1.5 million. That’s half compared to where I come from. I’m here because I have a “passion” for skating. I want to give something back to skating with my leadership.

– I also want to say something else. When I got the offer, I didn’t bargain on my salary. I accepted the offer I received from the Ski Board. I accepted the offer and said, “Yes, thank you.” I knew this question would come. “I don’t want to get into this debate,” Baumann says. “I will work with this association and this is what I will solve.”

However, salaries and salary trends for other management are still unknown.

Athletes are noticing the reductions

But what has emerged recently is that athletes in the Ski Association have noticed the cost reductions.

Last week, Nettavisen commentator Ernst A. Lersveen, revealed that the driving allowance for national team players has been reduced to one kroner per kilometre.

The government-set rate, which most people use, is currently NOK 4.48 per kilometre. It has been more than 50 years since the state operated at a rate of one krone.

In addition, Nettavisen understands that athletes are no longer covered for some of the parking expenses they incur in connection with travel.

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There is currently no indication that athletes will receive the benefits any time soon.

The Ski Board decided in September that the association be subject to performance requirements with a profit of NOK 10 million in 2024 to ensure liquidity.

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