Artificial Intelligence Microsoft | Now artificial intelligence is coming to Windows — like it or not

Artificial Intelligence Microsoft |  Now artificial intelligence is coming to Windows — like it or not

If you’re afraid robots will come from the future to wipe out us humans, the news from Windows isn’t something to open the canned food in the basement for. On September 26, Copilot will be available on Windows.

What is Copilot on Windows?

Copilot is what Microsoft calls everyday AI. Such advanced lexical expressions don’t mean much in and of themselves, but their purpose seems to be tools that most people use. The most important functionality is that you will be able to write to Windows in plain language to make it perform tasks on the device. The technology used in AI is similar to that in ChatGPT, which means you can write a simple language to perform different actions.

It also means you can ask AI to rewrite the report you just wrote, or summarize that very long email from government agencies you just received.

Additionally, this helping hand will help you with image enhancement, and quite a few other things. In November, Copilot will be part of Microsoft Office (Microsoft 365) and will then, for an additional sum, provide access to advanced AI functionality in programs such as Excel and Word.

What does Microsoft Copilot mean to you?

For the average Windows user, this means that the next update from September 26 will bring advanced AI to the device. You already have the simpler form with word correction. Smart search and similar functions. This update is part of the regular Windows update, and comes with new Outlook and a new file manager. In addition to auto-save in notepad.

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Below you can watch Microsoft’s promotional video for the update:

Admittedly, we’ll have to wait until November for major integration into regular software (i.e. programs like Word and Excel), but there’s likely something to it, experts think. This integration is much greater for most people From ChatGPT entry. Now, a large percentage of computer users around the world will be able to access and use artificial intelligence every day.

Integration will come with Dall-E, which is automatic image creation. This means that you can, for example, create illustrations for your presentations instead of stealing images online. You can try Dall-E here (for free).

Below you can see Microsoft’s AI, built into Bing search in Edge, explaining what Copilot is:

Yes, Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered productivity tool that uses large-scale language models (LLM) and integrates your data with Microsoft Graph and Microsoft 365 apps and services. It works with popular Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and more. Copilot software provides real-time intelligent assistance, allowing users to improve their creativity, productivity and skills. Copilot will uniquely integrate web context and intelligence, your business data, and what you’re currently doing on your computer to provide better assistance – with privacy and security at the forefront. It will be a simple and seamless experience, and it’s available in Windows 11, Microsoft 365, and in our browser with Edge and Bing. It will act as an application or reveal itself when you need it with the click of a button. Copilot will debut in early form as part of a free update to Windows 11, starting September 26 — and across Bing, Edge, and Microsoft 365 Copilot this fall. Hope this helps you!

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(Nettavisen cannot confirm how objective Microsoft’s AI is in discussing its own product.)

Source: Interview with Ping, 09/24/2023

A whole new online experience?

In addition, Microsoft will present its artificial intelligence in Microsoft Marketplace. You’ll notice this primarily in Bing search. Here, the functionality will be such that you can upload the screenshot you took and Bing will search for the item you are looking for and find the best price that suits your size. You will likely ask follow-up questions about your search for robotic lawn mowers to find exactly the product you are looking for. Comparison services on prices, offers pages that flood search results and many other pages are shaking most of their pants.

A summary of articles you may have seen in some online newspapers will also become a daily part of your browsing, and this feature is available in the Edge browser. The same has been announced for Chrome. Here, smart minds have created e-newspaper summaries that email you with the most important articles of that day.

What does Google do?

Google’s solution for integration into its tools for writing Docs, spreadsheets, and presentations is called “Duet AI.” Alphabet (the company behind Google) was early to announce that this would indeed be coming in March, but it hasn’t launched yet.

What does Apple do?

Apple is reportedly spending millions of dollars developing what it calls “Ajax.” Since the iPhone company likes to play poker with its competitors without showing the cards, not much has been said about what that will entail.

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