60-80 mm of rain is possible

60-80 mm of rain is possible

– On Monday, more rain is expected in Westland County and northern parts of Rockland, where 60-80 millimeters could fall locally within 24 hours. A yellow warning has therefore been issued, the Met Office writes X/Twitter.

It was previously reported that the remnants of Cyclone “Nigel” will find its way across the Atlantic and affect the weather in Norway next week.

– It will be wet. Magnus Haukeland, the meteorologist on duty for NTB on Sunday, says that the rain will already start this evening, but will start at night.

Rogaland is affected

Haugland further explains that many roads in both Bergen and Stavanger lead to stormwater runoff.

– Locally, problems can arise during the morning rush hour, so if you have to go to work, it definitely pays to factor in a little extra time, he adds.

Tropical storm to Norway

According to meteorologist Susanna Roider, “Nigel” will already hit western Norway on Sunday, she told Talkblade on Thursday.

A yellow warning for lightning, thunder and heavy rain has been issued for many places in southern Norway. State Meteorologist Rafael Escobar Lovedall reminds us what to look out for.
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– From Sunday, the wind will increase and precipitation will start in southern Norway. “We are monitoring the situation closely and the tropical storm is moving towards Norway,” Roeder said.

The Bureau of Meteorology considered whether they should issue a warning, but said they would have to wait until Monday. However, on Sunday, they sent out a yellow alert.

- It will be wet

– It will be wet

Moving north

– The situation was not unusual, and “Nigel” was slightly weakened on his journey. However, starting Monday, western Norway could see up to 60 millimeters of rain in 24 hours, state meteorologist Magnus Haugland told Talkbladet on Saturday.

So it starts in western Norway, but “Nigel” will then move north and become rough and wet in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark on Monday and Tuesday.

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