Attlee (52) was destroyed by Jacten Turmod

Attlee (52) was destroyed by Jacten Turmod

Autumn’s most beautiful adventure is coming to an end after last week’s selective suitors were picked by farmers in looking for love.

However, on Monday’s episode, the real test awaited when the pair met alone over the course of several days.

by Jackten Farms Turmod Buck Johnson (61) Six upbeat suitors, it was dancer Attlee Huff, 52, who caught the farmer’s interest the most. After the last electionThe farmer and suitor set out on a romantic vacation trip to Olison to see if an affair could get out of it all.

Submerged: Farmer stalker Turmodd Buck Johnson (TV) and suitor Attlee Huff didn’t find a tune in this year’s love quest. Pictured here from the trip in Alesund together. Photo: TV 2

But – during the Last Supper at Sunnmørsbyen – he told the emotional Johnson that it wasn’t the two of them.

What I know in my heart is that I have made a very good friend. But I’m not sure if we’re lovers.

Watch the heartbreaking farewell in the video at the top of the story.

– Don’t fall in love

When TV 2 contacts Hoff after the dumping, the suitor shares that he is still in contact with the farmer.

“We have a good tone and talk as straightforward as about the Jackton trip we had together — and other than that short talking about everyday life and what we do,” he says.

The 52-year-old says that their relationship has become more friendly.

Watch Jakten’s first kiss of the year

– I was there getting to know Turmod and was very happy with my choice. Feelings built up over time, and there was and still is good chemistry between us, but it didn’t turn into infatuation or love, he explains, and continues:

– Maybe we are very different like people? Perhaps encounters in love are about whether you clap or not.

The suitor says it was a delicate moment when Johnson rejected him during dinner.

– I was very touched by Turmod’s tears. It was nice getting to know each other better, but the expectations of love somehow stuck on us. We tried to give each other a chance and see if it could be us, but I felt like it should be defined as a bonus.

– Nice experience

Hof thinks the farm stay in Halden was a good experience, and he’s glad he got to know people both in front of and behind the camera.

— and it was a great experience in every way — and a bit of fun to win a reality show, then, it should be fair to say even if it wasn’t us, he says.

He was worried about one of the suitors: – I thought you collapsed

When asked whether or not he lives a single life, he answers the following:

– I am open to life and love, so we will see who communicates with you.

– Too hard

Johnson explains to TV 2 that he wasn’t sure about his feelings, and that the trip to western Norway made him sure what he wanted.

– I had to feel from inside if it was infatuation and love, or if it was friendship, so I gave him a chance to go there. I didn’t want to make any hasty decisions until I was completely sure. I did that trip to Alesund for sure, and then I realized that’s not how we should build a future together as lovers, he says.

Jakten-frier surprises intimate inspiration

Bunden describes the decision to throw Hof out for dinner as a “cruel process.”

– What was so hard and so painful was that Atl was so excited and looking forward to dinner. The fire on the fireplace, the candles – everything was set up for a very romantic evening, and then I knew in my heart that it would be the other way around.

His head was paralyzed and his thoughts raced. The 61-year-old wondered how to turn down a suitor without hurting him too much.

– He’s so handsome. I don’t want to be stupid, ugly, or mean in any way, but I didn’t know how to say it. So I sent a prayer to the universe: “Help, help. What should I do?”.

The hunt for Turmod is confirmed by suitors: – Klein Geren

But the words eventually fell into place.

– I was hoping he’d feel like I really tried. He says I didn’t do it for fun, or it was some kind of nonsense.

Johnsen doesn’t have a good answer as to why it didn’t work out between them.

– It’s a little difficult. It must come from somewhere deep in the body, soul, brain, and mind – all of these layers must desire it. Perhaps this is the attraction.

We see looking for love Monday and Wednesday at 8 pm on TV 2 Direkte, and whenever you want TV 2 play.

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