Aviation alert sounds throughout Ukraine

Aviation alert sounds throughout Ukraine

Buildings are said to have been bombed in several places in the country.


On Friday morning, the map showing active flight alerts in Ukraine became completely red. The Ukrainian Air Force wrote in a telegram that drones, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles are being used in attacks against the country.

Air Force spokesman Jurij Ignat described the attack as a “large-scale attack.”

Ignat said in a televised statement that hypersonic missiles, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles were used, including the X-22 type, which is very difficult to stop.

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Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko asked all residents of the capital to stay in shelters.

– Explosions in Kyiv. He wrote on Telegram that the air defense is working.

Reuters wrote that seven infections have been reported so far.

Klitschko writes that a warehouse building in the Podilskje district of Kiev caught fire. He added that three people were trapped under the rubble, and that rescue teams were working.

A subway station that was being used as a bomb shelter was also bombed, according to Klitschko. The building is damaged, and the subway passes without stopping.

The city's military administration reported that residential buildings and a number of cars caught fire.

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Red: Airline alert is active in red colored areas.

The mayor of Kharkiv, Ukraine's second largest city, Ihor Terekhov, wrote in his telegram that they were now undergoing the third round of air strikes shortly before 07:00.

– Kharkiv is under a major missile attack, wrote at 04:00.

According to Reuters, one person was killed and eight injured after 22 rocket attacks were recorded in the city. They write that hospitals, residential buildings and industrial buildings were bombed.

The mayor of Dnipro, Boris Filatov, wrote that there were dead and wounded in the city as a result of the attacks, according to what was reported by the Ukrainian public broadcaster Sospilny.

They write that the maternity clinic will be among the damaged buildings in Dnipro.

According to Sospilin, a residential building in Lviv was bombed in the morning hours of Friday, and one person is said to have been killed and three injured so far, Reuters wrote.

Lviv's air defense was activated last night during drone attacks on the city, Lviv Governor Maxim Kozytsky wrote on the Telegram messaging service on Friday evening. The mayor of Lviv, Andrei Sadovy, said that two drone attacks had occurred.

In Odessa, a drone was said to have bombed a residential building. It is also said that one person was killed and seven injured after a school in the city was bombed.

On Boxing Day, the Ukrainian air force took credit for sinking a Russian landing ship off Crimea.

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