Bahare Viken fell upside down because of Farmen’s puppy:

Bahare Viken fell upside down because of Farmen’s puppy:

In 2024, journalist and TV presenter Bahari Viken (30 years old) will travel back 100 years with the rest of the participants of “Farmen Kjendis”.

The TV analyst had his motorcycle stolen

However, there is one that she was unable to leave in 1924.

-My greatest love

On a “Farmen” farm, the tenants must manage the farm and take care of the animals, and according to tradition, they must also be responsible for a young puppy.

Christian Brynhovd, Emma Ellingsen, Sander “Randol” Dell and Bahari Viken talk about possible courtship of “Farmen” in the future. Video: Klaus Fjelro / Red Runner. Reporter: Klaus Fjelro. Camera: Luna Lea.
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This year, Ivar, a Danish-Swedish farm dog breed, will be living with celebrities.

The bond between Viken and Ivar has become so strong that the 30-year-old has spoken to him previously Look and listen She is thinking about buying the puppy Ivar.

To Dagbladet, she now shares what she thinks about the possibility of becoming Ivar’s boss.

This is TV 2's response after the changes

This is TV 2’s response after the changes

– My biggest love on the “farm” is Ivar the puppy, whom I miss every day.

-I talked a little with the breeder, and I’m still thinking about it. But we talked about trying to keep him for a few weeks first, and we’ll see how that goes, as the TV profile explains.

Failure: Bahare Viken fell in love with the wizard Ivar.  Image: TV2

Failure: Bahare Viken fell in love with the wizard Ivar. Image: TV2
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At the very least, Viken wants to test whether life in the big city suits young Ivar.

“And look how he is thriving in a small apartment in the center of Oslo. He grew up on a big farm where the door is open and he can come in and out as he wants, so I also want him to feel comfortable with me,” she explained.

reactions: It’s going to be dramatic on “Farmen” when the first hero is chosen. Video: Red Runner/TV2.
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– I can’t decide if I can take on such a big responsibility, but suddenly it happens.

Drama “The Farm”.

In addition to seeing the strong relationship between Viken and the puppy, she believes viewers will see some surprises.

- Sad thing about rich people

– Sad thing about rich people

– I think a lot of people see a different side to a news journalist, which I was also surprised by. There are a lot of emotions, and I think people have a lot to look forward to.

– Did conspiracies arise?

Anders Rydning, who is participating in this year’s season of “Farmen,” has a rather bold acting history. Video: Apple TV+ / Red Runner. Reporter: Klaus Fjelro. Camera: Nora Skavhoj.
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-There’s always a little drama on “The Farm.” So it would be good to get it from a distance before it appears on screen.

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