Bahram Hojre: Water polo players get $ 13.85 million in compensation

Athletes sued the American Water Polo Association and the California Club. His coach Bahram Hojre is said to have abused women in 2012 and 2017. However, the staff of the association and the Training Center for Women and Young Women Complaints initially ignored their complaints, Announced by the “Huffington Post” referring to the AP.

“This comparison is an indirect recognition that these girls were harassed not only by other athletes and their coaches, but especially by USA Water Polo (governing body for water sports, editorial note) because the leadership failed to take action to immediately suspend the coach. Contact law enforcement,” said former U.S. Water. Polo Olympians and national team members said.

“We have heard the testimonies of the plaintiffs and their allegations are mind-boggling,” said Christopher Ramsay, CEO of USA Water Polo. “We hope you can start a new chapter in your life.”

Hojre, 45, pleaded not guilty to 34 sexual assault cases involving ten victims, nine of whom were children at the time of the crimes. The alleged offenses occurred during training sessions with each other, the prosecutor said, according to the “Huffington Post”.

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