Bandy, Sarpsborg Bandy Club | On Sunday, the season may end for SBK

Bandy, Sarpsborg Bandy Club |  On Sunday, the season may end for SBK

It turned out to be a Friday night no one could have imagined at Vassinga in Mjondalen, with the home team controlling the snowy weather much better than the Sarpings. They caused almost as much pain as they wanted and scored most of the time.


Already after five minutes, Ruben Eliasson in the SBK goal had to pick up the first ball of his own goal. It soon became clear that this night would not be the last, as it was a night of nightmares for him and the rest of the team.

– It was a special match where there was not much we could do, and when a Mjondalen team is particularly effective, it becomes unbearably heavy, said a dejected coach Christer Lystad after the match.

It was as if the Sarpings had never gotten off the ground, as if they were finished when they surrendered the win in the first playoff.

Half an hour later, Mjondalen scored four goals. Iver Nyøygard Dilling cut it to 4-1, but it was 5-1 at half time.

It got so big

The lead was too big for the Sarpings to catch, although they could go fast in bandy. The home team was much better tonight. Gustav Jansson reduced the score to 7-2 and Samuel Patz to 9-3, which was also the final score.

– It is necessary to admit that it is very difficult now, and we have had the worst start we could imagine in the qualifiers. We just have to come together at the bottom and give it everything we can on Sunday. Another loss and the season is over, we must prevent this by all means, concludes Lystad.

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Although Ilya Ponomarev returned to the Bandy club after his injury, unfortunately he did not help much this time.

On Sunday, he will be ready for quarterfinal number three. Sarpsborg Bandy Club must win that and the next three if they want to play in the semi-finals.

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