Negotiating a major agreement that could save the sport of show jumping – Concerned about the deadline – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

Negotiating a major agreement that could save the sport of show jumping – Concerned about the deadline – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

“I have great faith in the ability to do it, but I worry about the time perspective,” Tove Moe Dierhaug tells NRK.

Ski head present during the World Ski Flying Championships in Kulm. Among other things, to help the show jumping team obtain a new sponsor.

-We have meetings with international actors. She explains that it is not a matter of contracting the painter during the bathroom, but that the work is done continuously.

Hopp runs the risk of having to cut costs if he cannot secure new sponsors within a short period of time.

Helper: Norway's Ambassador to Austria, Susanne Ecke, with Stine Corsen. Corsen says many representatives are on hand to help the national show jumping team.

Photo: Bridie Bleakley Thomassen/NRK

– We are in dialogue with several companies that have traditionally sponsored show jumping and are now looking forward to Norwegian Show Jumping, says Show Jumping Committee Chairwoman Stine Corsen to NRK.

NRK has learned that there is talk of several major global companies, among others in the energy sector, and that a decisive agreement may be reached as early as February.

– Yes, we are in a concrete meeting. We were in contact throughout the entire stay. Everyone is positive,” explains Corsen.


Worth a lot: This sponsorship place could give much-needed money into the show jumping coffers.

Photo: Geir Olsen/NRK

Meeting fate next week

Show jumpers are subject to reductions if they are unable to secure new sponsors. According to figures NRK received from the Ski Association, it will record a deficit of 5.3 million in 2023.

Hop was actually supposed to introduce a guaranteed new income to next year's budget already in November, but it was postponed until the Ski Board meeting on Wednesday, January 31.

-Should they cut it if they don't have sponsors before then?

-We don't know that. It is the Council that decides that. I feel that the dialogue is good and the desire to contribute is great. “And then I think we have opportunities after Wednesday as well,” Corsen says.

– Board of Directors meeting next week. “The proposal will be presented there, so I can’t comment on it until after the next board meeting,” Deerhoog says.

Outgoing showjumping president Klaas Brede Braathen has previously said that any cuts to showjumping would ensure showjumping would be “ground-breaking”.

He has also criticized how income is distributed based on the Ski Association's model.

– If I could comment in general, the branches are responsible for the budget and finances themselves. You can't spend more money than you have, so you have to use the money you have in the most sensible way possible, says Dierhaug.

– When income does not come, you have to look at costs, but that is what the jump committee has to evaluate.

-I think change is good

It has been two years since LO withdrew from the role of main sponsor of the Norwegian show jumping team. Since then, the branch has been struggling to get new sponsors.

– They struggled to get sponsors. What's different now?

– The market is changing, and our situation is changing. There has now been a change in our organization that we deal with. I think change is good, and I'm positive about changes in general. “It's just up to us to take advantage of a good crisis,” says Corsen.

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End: Clas Brede Bråthen when he announced earlier in January that he would step down as sporting director.

Photo: Jorm Kallstad/NTB

In January, Klaes Breed Braathen announced that he would step down as sporting director of the Norwegian show jumping team after 20 years. It is not clear who will take charge.

– We'll spend a lot of time on that. The process surrounding it is just as important as the decision. We can also think of another type of organization. “We are keeping all options open and will benefit from the crisis,” says Corsen.

-We are a small organization. I feel that in recent years we have focused too much on the financial and administrative aspects of our sport. A sports director can work with sports to a greater extent. “It's important to me,” she says.

Dyrhaug wants to thank Bråthen and says he did a great job with the show jumping.

-What hope do you have now?

-I hope you keep doing well. “We have to work with employment, up and down, and get a stable economy where you can work in an organized way going forward,” says the ski boss.

note! The team competitions at the World Ski Championships start on Sunday at 14:00 and will be broadcast on NRK1 and NRK Sport.

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