Baneheia, Viggo Kristiansen | TV2: It was the police’s fault that Anderson was informed of Anderson’s arrest

Baneheia, Viggo Kristiansen |  TV2: It was the police's fault that Anderson was informed of Anderson's arrest

TV2 Anderson also writes that police reports show that the arrest warrant was announced for Christianson before he was asked if he had been taken. According to TV2, the document read to Christiansen reads as follows:

“On Friday 19 May 2000 in Panehia, Christian Sand, he, along with John Helge Anderson, was stabbed to death by Lena Slokatel Paulsen b. 14.05.90 and Stein Sophie Sorstronen b.

Christianson’s question of whether Anderson was also arrested was used against Christianson in a 2019 public prosecutor’s statement in Akhtar.

It is alleged that Christiansen responded coldly to the arrest and asked if Anderson had been taken away without information.

The police and the public prosecutor did not want to comment on the new information to TV2.

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– Someone in the police force has known for so many years that John Helgin’s name was shown when Vigo Christiansson was arrested. They know that his question is completely natural. Nevertheless, they have used it against him and kept it secret, says Arvid Sjodin, Christiansen’s defender.

Christiansen was released after his trial resumed. The Oslo Police District is now investigating the Panehia case, and the investigation is expected to end in the spring.

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