Flood disaster: The cow runs 100 km with it – survives

A cow that was swept away by floods in the Netherlands has been rescued from a museum a hundred kilometers away. “We are very surprised that the cow has escaped so far,” firefighter Om Broup told broadcaster Saturday. “We don’t know if the animal ran all the time, or if its legs had sections touching the ground.”

The cow was rescued Saturday in Eskaran, south of the border town of Nijmegan. She was trapped on the shore of the Muse.

Once that is done, the cow comes a hundred kilometers from the village of Ekd in the south of the Netherlands. A veterinarian examined the cow at that location. The farmer who owned the animal went to pick up his cow.

Like Germany and Belgium, rivers in the Netherlands burst their banks. In the south of the country, residents with the Muse fought against the flood with sandbags and safety measures on Saturday. Water is expected to sink in Rormand on Sunday morning and Wenlow on Sunday evening, officials said.

Thanks to Wenlow Mayor for the help

In Wenlow, on the border of North Rhine-Westphalia, a hospital with 200 patients was evacuated as a precautionary measure. Thousands of people were called to evacuate their homes in and around the city. Although there was significant material damage from the flood, there were no reports of injuries.

Wenlow’s Mayor Antoine Sholdon also thanked the Germans for their immense willingness to help along the border. There were concessions to billet residents in evacuated areas, and firefighters were ready to help with material and crews. Given the catastrophic situation in the German floodplains, no one dared to ask for help.

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