– Smell of smoke in large areas in Westfold

– Smell of smoke in large areas in Westfold
Lots of smoke: Image from the Middagskollen forest fire in Kvelde.

Wildfires are still raging in Westfold.

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– This is Westfold’s biggest wildfire in more than 27 years, certainly not in area, but certainly in duration. This is the worst possible place for a forest fire to occur, says fire chief Jan Olav Wagle of Larvik Fire and Rescue.

The Westfold Intermunicipal Fire Service reports the smell of smoke in large parts of Westfold, and the smoke originates from the Middagskollen forest fire in Kvelde, which was reported at 16.41 on Saturday afternoon.

He says it will burn through the night where it will burn from Thursday afternoon.

– The fire is in almost impenetrable terrain and two bushfire helicopters are in operation today and will continue to burn through the night. The fire chief said that he has promised us that three forest department helicopters will be provided tomorrow.

Warden Marthin Haugen at Sør-East 110 says there is no direct danger to cabins or other buildings.

– It may be at least 100 meters away, but residents are asked to follow. It will burn through the night and reinforcements from civil defense will arrive tomorrow.

Haugen says two other small fires have broken out in the Southeast, both caused by lightning.

— It is in Keetbuarten in Skene and Rotberg in Nor Uvdal. There should be proper control.

Fire Chief Walkley said they planned their efforts a week in advance.

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He says many people in Westfold can smell the smoke:

– It is good for the public to be aware, but many of us smelled smoke from the forest fire that started in Middaxkollen in Gvelde, but it is now burning in two municipalities, 50 percent in Siljan and 50 percent in Larvik, says Wagle.

– If residents notice only a constant smell of smoke, it may originate from the fire we are handling. If they notice a strong smell or a noticeable change, they should immediately check the area and call 110, says Jan Olav Vagle.

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