Eurojackpot from 07/16/21: Read current numbers and odds here

At the Eurojackpot drawing studio in Helsinki, Finland, five of the 50 numbers are photographed with yellow balls on a drawing device called Venus.  Photo: Sanna Limdainen Lotto Hesson / DPA

Friday drew 32 million euros on the Euro jackpot.

Here you can see if you have won Eurojacket. Check out the current numbers Friday.

Eurojacket Friday (16.07.2021): Yesterday it was about 32 million euros. The Drawing It happened at 8pm in Helsinki.

Current success numbers and odds Eurojackpot Read here.

Current Eurojackot numbers from July 16, 2021:

Won 5 numbers out of 50: 9 – 14 – 24 -37 – 39

Euro numbers 2 out of 10: 4 – 9

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Eurojackot anomalies from July 16, 2021:

(Always determining after drawing at 9pm)

Stock: 47,659,440.00

Class number is the correct winner amount

1 5 Correct + 2 Euro Numbers 0 Unused

2 Correct 5 + 1 Euro No. 3 € € 675,175.40

3 5 Correct + 0 Euro Numbers 8 × 89,361.40

4 Correct 4 + 2 Euro Numbers 78 × 3,055.00

5 Correct 4 + 1 Euro No. 941 × 227.90

6 Correct 4 + 0 Euro Numbers 1,714 € 97.30

7 The correct 3 + 2 Euro numbers are 2,972 48.10

8 2 Correct + 2 Euro Numbers 39,694 18.60

9 Correct 3 + 1 Euro No. 41,963 € 17.00

10 Correct 3 + 0 Euro Numbers 70,575 14.50

11 The correct 1 + 2 Euro numbers are 197,634 9.40

12 Correct 2 + 1 Euro No. 589,414 × 7.70

What is the Euro Jackpot?

The Eurojackpot It is a collaboration of 18 European countries, including Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

What is the difference between Eurojackpot and Lotto 6 at 49?

In contrast to the German Lotto 6 at 49, there are only five numbers drawn on the Eurojackpot – but you have to have two extra numbers correctly, not just one.

What is a role in Eurojackpot? You need money Eurojackpot Yes, it’s successful, but it’s already worth a million shares for the racing game: pro Touch field Two euros must be paid. There is also a one-time processing fee of 50 coins per note.

When is the deadline for accepting Eurojackpot tickets?

The Deadline for acceptance A Tickets Friday and 7pm on paper. The deadline for online tips is every Friday at 6:45 p.m.

Where does the Eurojackot draw take place?

The Eurojackpot Numbers Stay in the Finnish capital Helsinki Drawn.

When is Eurojackot drawing?

The Drawing of Eurojackets It takes place every Friday at 8pm. You can usually read numbers on Express.te from 8:15 pm.

Is there a minimum jackpot in Eurojacket?

Special thing Eurojackpot The jackpot is at least 10 million euros each week.

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Which is the highest jackpot in Eurojacket?

No. Success The jackpot is not cracking at 10 million euros, which could rise to 90 million euros. (sp)

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