A brick collapse from an apartment in Oslo: – What is it?

A brick collapse from an apartment in Oslo: – What is it?

The resident was shocked when he heard a violent commotion and looked out the window.

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On Sunday evening, residents of Haugerudveien in Oslo got an unpleasant surprise.

Parts of the outer cladding of the apartment literally fell off and crumbled in front of the entrance.

A citizen tells Viji that she heard a noise and the ground shook.

– I thought: what is this?

– When I looked out the window, there were huge stones outside the front door. Between the third and fourth floor an entire floor of stone has fallen, he says.

The housing association's board notified the police and ISS, which provides cleaning services, both of whom were on the scene a short time later.

– What happened was disgusting. If anyone had gone out from the entrance, there would have been a major accident.

Rune Hekkelstrand, Operations Manager at the Oslo Police District, tells VG that the police arrived at the scene.

– Several bricks fell from the facade, but no injuries, he says.

The operations manager says that the president and the contractor have taken over the matter and are continuing to do so.

According to resident VG, they should have asked to use an alternate entrance until the stones were cleared.

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