Batteries: – I think prices will decrease

Batteries: – I think prices will decrease

In both 2022 and 2023, the cost of electric vehicle batteries will be higher than in 2021, in part due to increased demand and associated component shortages.

In a new one Climate prediction From the financial company Goldman Sachs, its analysts believe that the prices of electric car batteries will fall sharply in the coming years.

By 2025, they expect prices to fall by 40 percent compared to 2022 — from $155.63 per kilowatt-hour in 2022 to $99 in 2025. That’s about 10 percent lower than the company’s previous forecast.

The price of the average battery pack is therefore expected to drop by NOK 40-50 thousand, thus helping to make electric cars much cheaper.

By 2030, Goldman Sachs expects an annual price decline of 11 percent, then looking at a price of about $72 per kilowatt-hour, less than half the cost of batteries today.

Here you can see how BYD’s penetration tests of batteries are done.
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Tracks the strong growth of electric vehicles

Around the middle of this decade, the company expects that electric cars will cost the same as combustion-engine cars if you look at the total cost of ownership and without any subsidies.

I think prices will fall

In its base case, Goldman Sachs believes the global car fleet will rise from 2% electric vehicles in 2020 to 17% in 2025 and 35% in 2030. The road is electric cars.

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