Biathlon – Bø’s message answered:

Biathlon – Bø’s message answered:

On Saturday, Sebastian Samuelsson will try to do something he was unable to do last season: beat Johannes Thingness Bø in the Biathlon World Cup.

Seppi had already beaten the Norwegian in the joint start at the World Cup in Oberhof, but in the World Cup he was unable to punish the series, which ended in winning 19 of the 23 individual races at the World Cup.

In a big interview with Expressen ahead of the season opener on home soil in Östersund, Samuelsson was asked many questions about his relationship with Thingnes Bø and other Norwegian biathletes.

Sebastian Samuelsson heard this from Johannes del Skiddal after he posted this video. Video: @sebastian_samuelsson, olsen/with/dagbladet
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Samuelsson tells about the time he had a session with Norwegian athletes.

– I was a little nervous before that. He adds: “I don’t think I’m good at managing myself, but they haven’t maintained this high pace.” Express.

Furthermore, in the interview, the Swede touches on an episode in Interselva. Samuelsson recalls with horror the experience in which he and Thingnes Bø played the lead roles.

– It was actually very unnerving.

– I remember that Johannes was a lap ahead of me, and that we could go together and help each other go quickly. Suddenly he started giving me advice. “Give up the top now” and things like that. Then I thought: What a fool. Then he continued, Samuelson says with a twinkle in his eyes.

Swedish double: Sebastian Samuelsson (10th) and Martin Ponciloma secured the Swedish double in the joint start at Oberhof WC. Photo: Matthias Schrader/AP Photo/NTB
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Ahead of next season, Samuelsson was viewed as a contender for overall possession. Many experts expect the Swede to respond strongly this season.

Last season was a disappointment for Samuelsson, who finished 14th overall. Before the World Championships in Oberhof, the Swede made every effort, but already in the first exercise it ended in failure.

The chaos on the stock market meant Sweden was thrown out of the medal race in the mixed relay, which Norway won.

Rumors spread: - He was never asked

Rumors spread: – He was never asked

Samuelsson responded mercilessly in the close range when winning the co-start for Martin Ponciloma. Thingnes Bø came in third place.

– During the entire last round, I was terrified of going on a rampage. I was so tired I could barely walk. But when I got up the final hill, I felt like I owned it. “It was absolutely indescribable,” a very satisfied Samuelsson told Dagbladet.

Hush: Johannes Thingnes Boe was excelling at the Biathlon World Cup from Holmenkollen and it showed. Video: Bard Soro Olsen/Dagbladet TV-Sporten/TV2.
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The Swede fell ill with Corona after the World Cup and therefore chose to end the season before the World Cup final in Holmenkollen. From the sofa, he could see Thingnes Bø in cannon form which showed off to the crowd in the last firing at the beginning of the chase.

– I sat down and hoped he would pass away. Unfortunately. “Hopefully we can give him more competition this winter so he doesn’t feel insecure,” Samuelson says.

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