Bebe Rexha opens up about her body image

Bebe Rexha opens up about her body image

Popular Singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha (32), whose real name is Bleta Rexha, has been a huge hit in recent years.

The 32-year-old started his career in earnest by writing songs for a number of well-known artists like Eminem (49)And Selena Gomez (29) And Nick Jonas (29). Among other things, she received a Grammy Award for the first single “The Beast”.

Ultimately, Rexha has clearly focused on her career as an artist, and is known for songs like “I, Myself and I”, “I’m a Mess” and “The Name of Love” have topped the charts.

Now, however, there is something completely different about the music being focused on. On Monday, the artist opened up about how she actually feels about her body.

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Feeling embarrassed

It was on the social platform tik tok The artist shared an emotional video about why she hasn’t been feeling good about herself lately. writes among others CNN And People.

“It’s Christmas time now, and I know we should all be happy about that,” Rexha begins in the video, adding that she was looking forward to making it happen, even though she was also frustrated.

Hurt: The artist sheds tears as she talks about her body image.  Photo: TikTok / @beberexha

Hurt: The artist sheds tears as she talks about her body image. Photo: TikTok / @beberexha
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The 32-year-old goes into more detail about her relationship with her body as she sheds tears. She admits that she struggles with her body image, and explains that the weight gain has affected her self-confidence.

“I think I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever been. I weigh myself now, and I don’t feel comfortable sharing the weight because I’m embarrassed,” she continues in the video, adding:

“I just feel bad, you know, in my body”

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Self-esteem affected

This isn’t the first time the “I’m a Mess” singer has spoken about difficult topics. She is also an advocate of body positivity and self-acceptance, and has posted about it on several online occasions.

Back in July, the artist released Tik Tok of himself dancing in lingerie to Nicki Minaj’s song “Good Form,” writes People.

“How much do you think I weigh? She wrote at the time in the text above the video, while asking viewers to “normalize” that women weigh 75 kilograms “nothing to do with it.”

Further in the video, Rexha says that the weight gain has resulted in her not having an equally good body image. She also says that this is the main reason why she distanced herself from her social media platforms.

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“I don’t feel good in my body, and when I don’t feel well, I don’t want to post anything. That’s why I haven’t been active in the past year or as much as I used to”, she shares frankly.

Before Rexha’s video, she also shared a cute encouragement Twitter For anyone who might be struggling at this time of year.

“To the one who is feeling down on this holiday, you can do this, and you will make it. I wrote to send you love.”

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