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Become the first movie star in space - NRK Urix - foreign news and documentaries

This is the first time a movie of this type has been recorded in the room. What Yulia Peresild will do in front of the camera is the essence of the drama «the challenge».

Movies were recorded in the room before, but there were no plays. Space movies so far have been pure documentaries like «beautiful planet“And”Hubble». They are based on movie clips taken by astronauts.

THE CREW: Actress Yulia Peresild, astronaut Anton Shkaplerov and film director Klim Shipenko.

Photo: Roscosmos

Director Klim Sibenko will be in the room with Peresild on October 5. He will be responsible not only for the output, but also for the lighting, camera, sound and makeup.

He must be a doctor

Peresild and Sjipenko will score enough material to fill 35 to 40 minutes of the film. The plot is that an astronaut on the space station becomes seriously ill, but is unstable enough to return to Earth for treatment.

Surgeon Xenia (Peresild) was trained in record time for space travel. There she will perform a complex heart operation for the sick astronaut.

Russian superstar: Yulia Peresild has starred in more than 30 films.

Russian superstar: Yulia Peresild has starred in more than 30 films.

Professional cosmonauts Oleg Novitsky and Peter Dubrov will take part in the film. They are now on the space station. One of them is being a sick astronaut. Probably the company Novitsky. He will be with the two directors when they return to Earth on October 17th.

International Space Station (ISS) crew members attend a training session at the Baikonur Cosmodrome

Tight: Peresild during training inside the spacecraft. The space inside the capsule will be shared by a professional astronaut and film director.

Photo: Andrey Shelepin/gctc/roscosmos/Reuters

Almost fully trained

In May this year, the 37-year-old actress and her 38-year-old director began training. She was already in perfect shape, but he had to lose fifteen kilograms to fit into the space suit.

Photo from the International Space Station showing cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky.

Going here: This is the Russian Zvezda module on the International Space Station. The cosmonaut pictured is Oleg Novitsky, who will play a role in the film.

Photo: NASA

They are trained in emergency procedures and what it takes to control a spacecraft if one of the professional astronauts on board is expelled. The directors were awarded the title of Flight Engineers.

They should leave Earth on the ship Soyuz MS-19.


There was strong opposition to the project. The Russian state contributes spacecraft, missiles, logistics and training. These are resources that could have been used for other things in the Russian space programme.

Crew members attend a training session before the expedition to the International Space Station in Star City

Advertising: The film is supported by the Russian authorities as it aims to promote the country’s space program.

Photo: Andrey Shelepin/gctc/roscosmos/Reuters

The commander of the space force in Russia is a legend of cosmonauts Sergey Krikalev, lost his job after setting his sights on stopping the journey to Peresild. After violent protests Of the other cosmonauts, Krikalev regained his job.

Russian space agency Roscosmos Supports production for several reasons. The administration believes that the film will motivate young people to become astronauts, that the space program will get a lot of publicity and that the actual execution of the film is a realistic exercise in sending people into space quickly.

Tom Cruise in the movie The Mummy

Lightweight Before: If Tom Cruise goes into space, he’ll test something he’s experienced before. This is an image from the movie The Mummy where Cruz records a dramatic scene in Weightlessness. It was done in a private plane that astronauts also use during their training.

Photo: Universal Pictures

The Americans are coming

Another movie is expected to be shot on the International Space Station. Nobody but star Tom Cruise should have agreed to play the lead role.

When this will happen is now completely uncertain. When then-NASA chief Jim Bridenstine congratulated Cruise on the role last year, the plan was for the actor to go to space in October of this year.

Axiom Space is responsible for the flight itself. They rented rockets and spacecraft from SpaceX, and NASA agreed to use the space station. First flight to Axiom Space It happens according to plan in February of next year, and Tom Cruise was not with her.

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