Began searching for the missing person

Police are engaged in a search for the missing person in the Lingdal area.

Here, crews search for the missing person at the Lintall Boat Club’s facility in Agnefest.
Photo: Darbjorn Witze

AGDER / LYNGDAL: – Our hypothesis is that the man fell into the water, says Nut Otte Fedreland Svenen, the operational manager of the Akter Police District.

A search of a 60-year-old man who went missing in Lingdale began Thursday morning, according to the Actors Police District.

The missing person was reported missing on February 22.

Observed in the marina

The family of the missing person has complained that he is missing.

Odde says the last observation of the missing person was on February 17 at the port of Agnefest. The man was photographed on surveillance camera.

– He was last seen on board his own boat, in the Ottoman states.

The boat is currently docked.

Emergency services have the Agnefest ferry port as a starting point for manned search.
Photo: Darbjorn Witze

Sonar and Divers

On Thursday, crews will search for the missing person in the interior of Roseford.

– Agnefest ferry port is the starting point for search. Divers and sonar should be used. The team from the Red Cross will conduct surface searches and beach searches in the area in question, Odde explains.

– If so, are you looking for someone who is presumed dead?

– Yes, it is on the cards, in which we look in and out of the water. Ode says the man’s family agrees with this and encourages the public to call the police if they have made observations related to the case they are interested in.

The case is being updated.

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