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Magnus Carlsen

– This is the best Magnus game in this tournament. The stunned Attlee Gron says it was very original from the start.

The NRK expert was able to see Magnus Carlsen sweep Nodirbek Abdusattorov off the board with wins in three out of four Fischer WC chess matches in Iceland. Thus, he got an important third place.

Position: Magnus Carlsen.

Photo: Jørund Wessel Carlsen / NRK

In the third match, the 31-year-old really showed why he is considered the best chess player in the world.

Carlsen, who had the advantage of the white pieces, made several creative choices in the opening game, but neither the experts nor the chess arrow were particularly impressed.

But as the pieces disappeared from the board, computer hardware and NRK experts noticed what Carlsen was about to do.

After a short time, the victory was decided.

He blows the whistle at first and gets the money back. The audience, opponents and Bella didn’t believe him, but Magnus was right, says Grone of the world number one.

Watch the Final: Here you can watch the Armageddon decisive match between Nakamura and Nepo.

control the clock

The expert believes he saw similar matches from Carlsen earlier in the tournament, but notes that the Norwegian has repeatedly fallen into the same trap:

I’ve spent a lot of time.

Atl Green

Expert: Attlee Gron.

Photo: Lars Bryan/NRK

Today, Carlsen has been able to play creatively without burning up a lot of time, so he seems to have better control, says Gron.

Carlsen admits his plan carries “certain risks”.

– It was an exciting game. I went for an ambitious plan that entailed some risks. It was a tough situation to play, but he made a mistake. Then it became a one-way street, says Carlsen.

Even after the fourth and decisive match, Gron was full of praise.

– This is a nice party. He has played well in the last three games. The expert says he finally cracked the code.

Carlsen’s opponent Nodirbek Abdusattorov did not fully agree with the NRK expert’s analysis.

– I don’t think he played well. I felt like I had a chance, especially in the second game. It was an entertaining game. Then he played better, compared to the first two. But I felt I had a chance, he says.

Charged in the pool

Carlsen looked completely satisfied after the bronze medal was in the penalty area.

– It was like a round of chess champions.. when I lost the semi-final, I won the bronze final. Carlsen smiles, it’s something I’ve become an expert in involuntarily.

Carlsen reached the Bronze Final after losing to Jan Nepomengscheg in the semi-finals on Saturday. The Norwegian top candidate won the first match, but then suffered three consecutive losses to the Russian.

– I think Abdul Satrov may have run out too after a bit of disappointment yesterday. To be perfectly honest, I usually like to beat both (Abdulsarov and Nebo), Carlsen’s smile.

The Norwegian chess group revealed that he reached the bronze final in swimming.

– I had a good trip to the pool today and was able to take a cold and hot shower, so I didn’t feel bad. I finished on a positive note. The 31-year-old says 3rd is better than 4th and it was fun to play today, but it sucks to see others play in the final.

And in the final match between Russian Yan Nepomengashchege and American Hikaru Nakamura, the score was 1.5 to 1.5 after three matches. Then the two went for a quick pull, so that the final should be decided at Armageddon.

There, Nakamura was the better of the two.

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