Ben Affleck: – I’m very happy

Ben Affleck: - I'm very happy

after, after Jennifer Lopez (52) and fiancé Alex Rodriguez (46) split In April, it wasn’t long before romantic rumors between Lopez and another Hollywood star started swirling, more specifically Ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck (49).

Lopez and Affleck were lovers for two years, and they also became engaged before it ended in 2004. They were a favorite among the press, who dubbed them Bennifer, and their relationship often made headlines in the media.

After 17 years, they are lovers again, and it is not surprising that the reunion of the two ex has generated a lot of interest in both the national and international media.

enjoy the life

The duo has so far been keen to comment on the love sent, but they also haven’t done anything to hide their feelings for each other.

new look: Ben Affleck surprises everyone in this Instagram video. Photo: NTB. Video: Ben Affleck / Instagram. Clip: Ingebjørg Iversen / See and Hear
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When Lopez turned 52 in July, she confirmed the relationship by sharing a picture of her and Affleck kissing on Instagram. Last month Also show the star couple on the red carpet together For the first time in nearly two decades.

In addition, the two fell into hot embraces, introduced their children to each other and traveled on vacations together.

Affleck now admits that he is very happy during the day.

– I’m very happy. This is a very happy time in my life. He said life is good additional Sunday.

KLINTE TIL: Last week turtle pigeons were spotted walking in New York and it's not hard to see how loving they are.  Photo: Splash News / NTB

KLINTE TIL: Last week turtle pigeons were spotted walking in New York and it’s not hard to see how loving they are. Photo: Splash News/NTP
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romantic gesture

Last month Affleck lowered the veil of admiration for his girlfriend. In an interview with Adweek, who called Lopez “Brand Visionary” this year, her father-in-law has often bragged about her. He highlighted in particular how she fights for equality for women of color.

– All I can tell you is that I saw the differences represented by acting. Because I have seen time and time again that women of color who have met Jennifer tell her how to emerge as a strong and successful woman, and the fact that she demands her fair share of the business world means a lot to them, he said, adding:

50 and Fabulous: The fact that Jennifer Lopez has turned 51 years old does not prevent her from posting sexy photos and videos on Instagram. Video: Ingebjørg Iversen / See and Hear
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I am speechless about Jennifer’s impact on the world.

Furthermore, Affleck explained that the partner is a huge inspiration to many people, and that he admires and respects her.

Jennifer has inspired so many people to feel they have a place at the table in this country. It is an influence that very few people have had throughout history, something I will never be able to tell anything about, and something I can only stand by and admire with respect.

Ben: Hold the star to attract attention.  Photo: Backgrid / NTB

Ben: Hold the star to attract attention. Photo: Backgrid / NTB
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This summer, Lopez showed his love for Affleck with a romantic gesture To put his name on a piece of jewelry around his neck.

The jewelry was first seen around the neck of the Latin American singer three days after her birthday on July 24. Later, she was also seen with her when she visited Monaco with a friend, and when she and Affleck vacationed in Italy in August.

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