Beware of Halloween costumes – VG

Beware of Halloween costumes – VG

Stunning Hollywood actors are now advised not to dress up as famous movie and series heroes before Halloween this year.


Many foreign media reported this, including NME.

The reason is that such costumes would promote content created by the studios the actors are in conflict with, according to the labor union SAG-AFTRA.

– Instead, choose costumes inspired by public figures and figures such as ghosts, zombies, spiders and the like, as stated in a statement by the organization.

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George Clooney (62) is leading the way for Hollywood stars who will be putting nearly 1.7 billion Norwegian kroner on the table.

Characters from the movie “Barbie” and the horror comedy series “Wednesday” are expected to appear in Halloween costumes this year in the United States.

Last year, among others, Lizzo appeared in the role of Marge Simpson, while Diddy himself was cast as the Joker from “The Dark Knight.” This year can therefore be considered an involuntary strike break.

“Let’s use our collective power to send a loud and clear message to our employers that we will not promote their content without fair contracts,” SAG-AFTRA said in a statement to its 166,000 members.

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The strike has now continued since July 14. An attempt to hold negotiations at the beginning of October faltered after a week and a half.


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