New Xiaomi HyperOS software to replace MIUI ROM

New Xiaomi HyperOS software to replace MIUI ROM

Xiaomi has unveiled its latest software, HyperOS, which is set to replace the popular MIUI ROM in select Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO smartphones. The new operating system is expected to debut with the Xiaomi 14 series and is likely to run on Android 14.

According to reports, the HyperOS lock screen will feature various clock style options, fonts, and widgets, allowing for enhanced customization. Users will also have the ability to customize the wallpapers. In addition, the operating system’s Control Center will get a sleeker UI design, providing a more modern look.

The HyperOS ROM release date is set for October 27, although it is important to note that the changes seen in early builds of the operating system may differ from the official final release.

Several Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO devices are listed as eligible for the new OS update. As for the Redmi series, models like the K40, K50, K60, Note 10, Note 11, and Note 12 are expected to receive the update. The upcoming Redmi Note 13 series, including the Note 13 Pro Plus, Note 13 Pro, and Note 13, will also likely be compatible.

Regarding the POCO models, the F5, F4 and F3 series are expected to receive the new software update. Select devices from the X6, X5, X4, M6, M5, M4 and M3 series are also eligible.

For Xiaomi, HyperOS will be pre-installed on the Xiaomi 14 series. The Xiaomi 13, 12, 11 and Mi 11 series are expected to receive the update. Other devices, such as the MIX Fold, Fold 2, Fold 3, MIX 4, Civi series, and Xiaomi Pad 5 and 6 series, are also listed as eligible for the new OS.

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MIUI, which has been in use since August 2010, is one of the most popular ROMs with more than 1.175 billion users worldwide.

Sources: GeezChina

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