Bianca Ingroso: – – Everything is a bit unclear

Bianca Ingroso: - - Everything is a bit unclear

There is no doubt about it Swedish influencer and profile Bianca Ingrosso (27) It has become very popular in recent years. Not only has she become a strong social media profile, but she also has her own makeup brand which has amassed quite a bit of money.

In 2018, Ingrosso, together with its partners, launched the now highly sought-after cosmetic brand Caia Cosmetics. In other words, she had a busy schedule for a number of years, in addition, she also filmed for the TV series “Wahlgren’s world”.

Recently, she revealed that she was burnt. The influencer said this as a guest on TV4’s After Five.

human advertising: Bianca Ingrosso is back in bad weather again, after she announced intimate products for women. Video: DeoDoc. Reporter: Anton Lier/Dagbladet TV.
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– Everything is a bit unclear

During the interview, Ingrosso was asked, among other things, what she remembers most from last year. According to the Swedish, it wasn’t easy for her to answer Aftonbladet.

– First, I have a very bad memory, I was a little exhausted last year and after that I lost my memory. Everything is a bit unclear, Ingrosso admitted, and continued:

– I remember … Yes, what do I remember? There were many cameras, as I recall.

To this day, Ingrosso still suffers from amnesia after being exhausted.

– It’s a lie

Ingroso is not well known for making headlines and receiving criticism. Back in November, she ended up in bad weather after many people thought she didn’t answer a question honestly.

One of the questions was the treatment she did to get rid of dark circles under the eyes. The influencer then responded that with the help of a “good eye cream.”

Camilla Gervaid, the woman behind the blog, has made all the plugs light up.

Get references: Bianca Ingrosso recently shared a YouTube video where she and several other Swedish influencers celebrated, danced and hugged each other. Now she is being reprimanded by the Swedish government.
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“…it’s a bit interesting. This summer, she revealed the bruises she got on her face after she took a new form of filler to get rid of the rings under the eyes,” Gervaid wrote in a blog post.

In the end, Ingrosso felt compelled to respond to the criticism. On Instagram, I encountered Gervide.

The influencer wrote that she did not lie, but simply forgot that she took fillers under her eyes.

Furthermore, Ingroso has claimed that she can repeatedly report the Blog Watch for false marketing and spreading lies about her and others in the industry.

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