Nicola Peltz married in an exclusive Valentino dress

Married: Brooklyn Beckham (left) married Nicola Ann Peltz in Florida this week.

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Ann Peltz married in a luxurious setting in Florida.


“We have an exciting weekend ahead,” Victoria Beckham wrote on Instagram a few days ago. She and the rest of the Beckham clan had traveled to Palm Beach to see the eldest of the Beckham brothers, Brooklyn, marry.

Brooklyn Beckham (23 years old) became engaged to actress and model Nicola Ann Peltz (27 years old) in July 2020. Now, almost two years later, the couple is married.

The wedding took place on the luxury estate of the Peltz family in Palm Beach, Florida. Guests who made the wedding trip included Eva Longoria and Serena Williams.

British Vogue also took a place on the guest list. Given the Beckham family’s British background, it was not surprising that editor-in-chief Edward Aniful and British Vogue Which ended with covering the extravagant celebrity wedding.

Custom Made Valentino dress

It’s clear that Peltz’s dress has gotten a lot of attention — and for good reason. The choice fell on a tailor-made dress from Valentino himself. The dress had wide belts, a chic, hugging silhouette, as well as a long pull with a lace veil that covered the entire dress.

Peltz enlisted the help of celebrity stylist Leslie Freemar for the occasion. Freemar describes the dress as the most beautiful dress she’s ever seen.

Valentino’s friend: Nicola Peltz (right) chose a Valentino wedding dress. It came as no surprise when Valentino wore it at the Met Gala and took part in their shows – like here in 2021.

according to British Vogue Should they work with this dress for two years, It was like a “haute couture experience,” says Fremar. The dress should have had more lace at the planning stage, but to keep the look simple, Peltz and the team chose to leave it on.

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Instead, the bride is styled with lace gloves to give her all that a little bit of it. You can also see in some of the photos that the bride chose to combine her dress with modern Valentino sandals. A pair of shoes we’ve been seeing everywhere on social media lately, but this time the high heels had a color and material to match the white wedding dress.

Same make-up artist as Rainsv

On top of it all, Peltz’s hair was prepped with Claudia Schiffer’s ’90s look. The makeup was put on by Kate Lee, who also did Rinat Renzvi while she was in the States ahead of the Oscars.

No details were forgotten on the newlyweds’ wedding day. Fashion magazine can reveal that the old tradition of “something old, something new, borrowed something, something blue” was preserved with a sweet letter from the bride’s mother, Claudia Hefner Peltz, which was sewn into the skirt of Valentino’s dress – in blue.

The groom chose a white Dior dress for the big day. The suit was of a classic type, but slightly increased with the small chain at the front of the jacket. The rest of Beckham’s men also went for a black suit, but unlike Brooklyn, which opted for a white bow, they matched their suits with a black bow.


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