Andrew Le Page: – After the Doctor’s Alert:

Andrew Le Page: – After the Doctor’s Alert:

Andrew Le Page (28) first became known when last summer he was featured on the hit “Love Island UK”. There, the 28-year-old was introduced to Tasha Gouri (23), and during their stay they became lovers. The duo eventually finished in fourth place in the program, and became “outsiders” cohabitants and parents to a young puppy.

Dissatisfied: – Uncomfortable

Recently, Lou Page hosted his girlfriend’s podcast, “Superpowers with Tasha”There he could talk about a brain tumor he thought would kill him. Briton writesH Yes!.

In the episode, Le Page said he had been suffering from a tumor on his head for several years, when he finally asked his brother what it was. The bullet was big, and the brother was worried.

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They ended up calling a doctor, and they did an MRI.

– The doctor told me that I had a brain tumor, and I just thought: “What the hell is this.” After the doctor’s appointment, I got in my car and started crying. I thought that was it and that my life was over. I have finished. I was so young, but that was all I got.

Celebrity daughter surprises

Celebrity daughter surprises

The reality star then went back to work, but was eventually sent home. He had to process the message he had just received.

– I was simply horrified, I can’t believe I’m back in business. I didn’t know how to tell people either. (…) I cried and was very upset. I couldn’t believe this happened to me at such a young age. I never thought I would go through something like this.

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The 28-year-old was 20 years old when the tumor was discovered. From the time he received the letter from the doctor, it didn’t take more than two weeks before the operation. The tumor was removed and the operation was successful.

- completely raw

– completely raw

Today, he is happy that his brother has taken action.

– Fortunately, my brother called the doctor, because I hadn’t thought about it. I thought the bullet was just part of my skull.

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