Lillebjørn Nilsen: – He talks about cancer surgery

Lillebjørn Nilsen: – He talks about cancer surgery

in a new one NRK Documentary About lead singer and songwriter Lilbjorn Nielsen (age 72), the singer reveals the cause of Grieghallen’s 2013 breakup.

It is revealed here that the 72-year-old was scheduled to undergo surgery for cancer before performing with Gitarkameratene.

– I asked the doctor if we could postpone my operation. I was afraid of hell. The singing star candidly said in the documentary that I should never have done that.

The Bergen newspaper reported that Nielsen fell several times, instruments tipped over, and he finally had to walk off the stage during a concert with Gitarkameratene in 2013.

Shabana Rehman is a guest on ‘Lindmo’, where she can tell us heartbreaking news about her cancer. Video: NRC
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The Gitarkameratene supergroup consisted of Jan Eggum (71), Halvdan Sivertsen (71), Øystein Sunde (75) and Lillebjørn Nilsen.

– I would not have done without those years with Gitarkamatereten. It was an amazing, wonderful experience,” says the latter in the new documentary.

Following the incident, he was called out for illness and apologized for what happened during the concert in a message on Twitter.

“Double concert at Grieghallen yesterday. Sorry for the meltdown before the last song during the last performance. Upset stomach! But Nielsen is alive,” he wrote at the time.

After the accident and a successful operation, Nielsen was still able to return to the stage, after which he gave several concerts with the Seresta group.

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