Mira was honored in “Every Time We Meet” – VG Throwing Dice – VG

Mira was honored in "Every Time We Meet" - VG Throwing Dice - VG
Mira: The rapper Mira is the one who sits in the evening the place of honor in the narrator “Every Time We Meet”. Here she tells openly and honestly about growth.

It was rapper Mira’s night on “Every Time We Meet”. View VG song by song.


Mira, or Regina Tucker (27), was the guest star on the Saturday show Every Time We Meet on TV 2.

Rapper Bergen started her career in 2016, when she sat in an Uber in Oslo and started rapping. The driver was impressed and took her to the studio, Mira says on the show.

In a short time, she released the song “Hold An” on SoundCloud, which was soon discovered by many in the industry. Leo Ajkic became interested, she sang at the Oslo Bellarm Festival and in 2020 she participated in “Star Fight” at NRK.

On the Saturday show “Every Time We Meet” she says, among other things Open and strong about escaping from war In Sierra Leone, about staying in a refugee camp and – when she came to Bergen – about the ever-changing housing in both orphanages and visiting homes.

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TIX, or Andreas Haukland, was not allowed to attend Myra Day. He was supposed to have a concert. Stig Brenner arrives on the TV show later in the season.

Those gathered to honor and translate Mira’s songs are: Major Brett Andersen, Austin Greene, Garley Bernhoft, Arif and Anna from the North.

VG reviewer Tor Martin Bøe rolled the dice on tonight’s songs. agree or disagree? You can roll your dice under VG ratings.

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