Håkan Hellström at Øyafestivalen – Full Håkan party

Håkan Hellström at Øyafestivalen – Full Håkan party
Oslo 20230811. Håkan Hellström during a concert at the Oia Festival.  The festival is an annual pop and rock festival in Twinparken, Oslo. Photo: Beate Oma Dahle/NTB

Oslo 20230811. Håkan Hellström during a concert at the Oia Festival. The festival is an annual pop and rock festival in Twinparken, Oslo. Photo: Beate Oma Dahle/NTB
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Coliseum, Island Festival


about 15,000

«Håkan’s party is different.»

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It’s a very different Håkan who’s standing on the Øya stage for the first time in twelve years – and for the first time in Oslo since a great Spektrum concert seven years ago. Oia’s stage compares closely to Ulivi’s in his hometown, where last summer he played four evenings to a total of 280,000 people.


Where do you go after this huge experience? Håkan doesn’t have to prove anything, because it’s impossible for him to headline the huge concerts in his hometown. There should be a downsizing when he tours again this summer. The island is the only stop in Norway.

Despite being scaled down, the 13-piece ensemble appears to be dressed in carnival-appropriate attire that makes for a complete stage and gigantic vehicle. Perhaps there are a lot of them, because in terms of sound, the concert is a small “disaster”, even if it “fails” the whole evening. But you have to be very far from the stage before you can get a good voice. Are they cheating on Olivier on the island?

Sparkling Håkan show

Sparkling Håkan show

you want a lot

The audience contact was of course on a different level, as when he wreaked havoc on the Oslo Spectrum in 2016. He’s always on the sidewalk that extends a little from the stage. And if the “small” amphitheater in Øyafestivalen may seem somewhat “poor” compared to Ullevi, then it looks more correct.

But Håkan is clearly tired of the traditional concert format, and wants a lot more. Like when he lets Swede-American LaGaylia Frazier sing an old soul song, “That’s fine since my soul sat in the kingdom.”tangled in «Love is a message sent a thousand times From “För seint för Edelweis” (2008). It’s more like a vaudeville show than a concert.


The scene is very psychedelic and colorful, but with the exception of Håkan’s hat and “disco pants,” there’s very little floral fluff over the opening Gulbergs Kaj Paradise. He’s slightly changed the setlist from recent gigs and added new songs, but of course he makes room for more “come to us” early, “ramlar” And gradually “Känn no sorg för me, Gothenburg”. naturally.

The game continues

Håkan kept Fun from So What in March 2001, though Sailor Suit was soon pushed away (apparently taken over by the drummer). He’s also known for stealing here and there, and there are quite a few time-marked cues: a little moonwalk, a little Fred Astaire, a little Edith Piaf (!) on the back wall, “Dancing in the Moonlight” and a little bit of The Band E. Street, old clips, etc. But does he really have to play the harmonica?

better life

It is a mystery that the albums that Håkan has released in recent years have been mediocre, while he has done quite well. The four-month-old “Poetiska frocks” album has somehow become an attempt—again.

Star in idle

Star in idle

But after the slightly “messy” opening tonight, both Håkan’s vocals and vocals are getting better. Gradually, the gang of 13 reaches its climax with appearances such as “It will never end for me” And fresh “to praise” (with Håkan on banjo and the borrowed stanza “Peace, Love and Understanding”), some good old fashioned fireworks, and of course at the end “Valborg” – Like the last time he was in Oslo! “If you want a fool, put your hand in mine.”Håkan sings, and there are many who feel it now.


The extra long combination saves the fifth point on the dice. Two hours into the “practice session”, a jubilant Håkan runs back and forth to the audience’s praises, accompanied by Ulf Neidemar’s old song, “Häng me på party”.

It was a party at the end, yeah.

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