Spielman, NRK | Spielmann leaves NRK: Ostlands-Posten and Amedia take over

Spielman, NRK |  Spielmann leaves NRK: Ostlands-Posten and Amedia take over

On Thursday 4 April, a number of Norwegian artists will come together for a party like no other, when Spellemann 2023 takes place in Oslo.

This year's awards ceremony is being held at the Clarion Hotel The Hub in the capital, and the evening features an awards ceremony and after-party. Meanwhile, Spelman is introducing a new media partner.

Because while in the past it was NRK that broadcast the ceremony, this year Amedia is the distributor of this year's awards ceremony.

– After 50 years of traditional broadcast television, Spielman chose to take a slightly different path this year. By cooperating with Amedia, we hope to reach more widely to audiences in every part of Norway, through local and central channels, says Erlend Jerde, president of Spellemann and Fono, which organizes Spellemann, in a press release on Tuesday.

It will reach a wider and greater scale

The goal of this year's Spellemann is to reach a broader and larger scale than before. Especially for the younger target group interested in music.

-We believe that local installation will be beneficial to both the nominated artists and the audience. In addition, we know that viewers are present on a number of surfaces, preferably in parallel, and through our collaboration with TikTok, where the younger and music-interested target group is largely present, this year we will reach out to a larger group and a wider audience. Than before.

The award will be broadcast live and free with Nettavisen as the main platform on Thursday 4 April.

– Spelman has had a long and loyal tradition of annually implementing and honoring the country's artists, and Nettavisen will ensure strong coverage of this, says Julie Solberg, Director of Celebrity and Entertainment News at Nettavisen.

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Amedia is the country's largest newspaper publisher, contributing to continuous news coverage throughout the country with a total of 89 local newspapers, Nettavisen and Nationen, 11 local websites, four trade magazines and one local radio station. In other words, everything is ready for broad coverage of candidates across the country.

– With the support of the country's local newspapers, this year's distribution with unique content will reach all types of living rooms, in nooks and crannies, across the country. Julie Solberg emphasizes that never before have people been able to enjoy their time with Spelman in this way.

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Nominees will be announced on Thursday, February 29, and until the big awards ceremony on Thursday, April 4, Nettavisen and Amedia will provide quality and engaging content to readers.

– Declaration of trust

Christian Tho, Sales Director at Amedia, appreciates the trust they have received:

– Spielman is a cultural and musical institution in Norway. The sales director says that Nettavisen and Amedia will now be media partners as a statement of trust and a great opportunity.

– With Pepsi on the team, which is one of the biggest brands in the world, this will be an innovative and attractive way to showcase the best artists and music Norway has to offer, he says.

In addition to coverage in Nettavisen and Amedia, arrangements will also be made for extensive press coverage of both the nomination slip and the award ceremony in other Norwegian media.

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