Tone Damli: – This is how they solve the time crisis

Tone Damli: – This is how they solve the time crisis

Artist and influencer Tone Damle, 35, is facing a hectic fall. Earlier this week it became known that she is among the participants in the NRK program “Stjernekamp”.

When Se og Hør interviewed her during the launch, she was able to reveal, among other things, that she had been asked to participate many times before. Only this year it was relevant.

That is why he “disappeared”.

It’s about timing and how it fits into life and the schedule. But now I feel the need to enter the theater again, and then it’s an excellent opportunity, she said.

It’s no secret that the artist has a hectic schedule.

Tone Damli (35) is one of the participants who will be competing for the title of “Best Norway Artist” on NRK this fall. Video: NRC
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When Se og Hør caught up with her during the Oslo Runway this week, she makes no secret that there is a lot of excitement associated with the premiere.

– My knees are trembling. No, you know what. There is a normal nerve that I think should be there. I train a lot and am into shock now. She says it will be very nice.

A sacrificed profession: - Wound

A sacrificed profession: – Wound

Damle admits that she is afraid of the broadcast, where they will perform rock songs.

– I got nervous just standing in the studio, but that’s what makes it fun. You must challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. But when you get the band behind you, I think it’s going to be quite raw.

Tone Damli hosted on Motepolitiet Live with Jan Thomas and talked about the time from “Idol”. Video: Jenny Emily As/Harvard Bjornrum/Denise Abelung/Watch and Hear.
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As mentioned, the 35-year-old has a lot to do this fall. In addition to her career and “Stjernekamp”, she has partner Marcus Voss and two young children at home, daughter Billie and son Marlon.

– It’s not going smoothly. I have two kids, you know. Yesterday I started practicing after my little boy went to bed, she says, and continues:

- You will never propose

– You will never propose

– I look so stupid rehearsing for the opera. I don’t get much time because there are so many other things going on as well. I have to prioritize between strokes.

Because they’re pressed for time to move on, they have someone else to thank for.

Tone Damli visited Motepolitiet Live with Jan Thomas and revealed one thing that manager David Eriksen decided on. Video: Jenny Emily Ace/Harvard Bjornrum/Dennis Abelung/Cug Hour.
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– The answer to that is mom. Grandma comes and she has to save the whole environment.

When asked if it was hard being away so much, she replied:

I talked about jealousy

I talked about jealousy

No, I’ll be home. Registration is in Oslo, so I won’t be too absent. Maybe a little bit on the top lid, but I’ll be there pretty much the whole time.

– But I obviously had to focus only on one thing, but there is a lot to deal with, and I just have to work it out. She adds that everything is easy.

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