Stephen Ackles will be buried at his home next Thursday

Stephen Ackles will be buried at his home next Thursday

The 57-year-old artist will be buried from Breivik’s Church on Thursday, October 19 at 1pm.


And it emerges from Memorial pages of Andersen Burial OfficeWhere anyone can post a final tribute to Stephen Ackles.

The popular artist died suddenly at his home just over two weeks ago. At the time, he had just performed a concert at Rjukan, and there was no indication that anything was wrong with Ackles.

Several concerts were planned for this fall, but unfortunately things did not turn out that way.

– It is with great sadness that we announce the death of musician Stephen Ackles. He was found at his home in Langos today. After the heavy news of the artist’s death, his brother Eric Ackles told NTB that the family is asking for peace in their grief.

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Stephen Ackles: He had a new record ready

Stephen Ackles had just enough time to finish his new record before he died on Thursday.

Eric Ackles later confirmed on behalf of the family that the artist died of a heart attack.

On behalf of the immediate family, we have been informed that Stephen died of natural causes as a result of a massive heart attack, as stated by Ackles. The room Five days ago.

Stephen Ackles was active until the end also on the recording front, and his long-time manager, Jeroen Kerstjens, revealed to VG that Ackles was ready to record a brand new record when he died.

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– The album was just finished, except for some edits and the fact that we had to improve the album cover a little. I spoke to him last Saturday, and we texted each other on Monday, specifically because of the cover, Kerstjens told VG.

It is now up to the bereaved family of Stephen Ackles as to what happens to this record.


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