Rammstein released his new album Zeit in April – Dagsavisen

Rammstein released his new album Zeit in April - Dagsavisen

Rumors of a new album by one of the biggest rock bands in the world have been circulating for a long time, and it was confirmed on Thursday, March 10. German rock band Ramstein will release a new album on April 29, ahead of their big concert at Bierke Travani in Oslo this summer.

The title of the album, which was recorded at La Fabrique studios in France, where their previous album “Rammstein” was also produced, is titled “Zeit” (meaning “time”) and is the eighth in a row. The video for the title song, also the first single, was released on Thursday afternoon and will actually go on sale March 16. The video is directed by German Robert Goesdek, who is himself a musician.

“Oil” is war and death

“Zeit” itself should be called a strong song in better Rammstein style, like A continuation of “Deutschland” from the previous album. Like the song, the video is a dreamy and bleak allegory of time, about birth and death, and the theme of war is central. Most of the attention has already been given to the birth scenes, which is visually stunning as something the creators of “A Handmaid’s Tale” can only dream of firsthand and after comments on social media in the eyes of many are horrifying at their already graphic representation of birth.

The official photos of the band themselves, for the album and release of “Zeit”, were taken by musician Brian Adams, who is also a famous photographer, especially from the music scene. The decorations show the band at and on the steps of the famous Trudelturm master in Berlin, the Adlershof.

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It is quite surprising that there is no news of a new record-breaking from the band. Ramstein himself has posted details on social media several times, even after it became clear that the planned tour had to be postponed due to the pandemic. Among the updates on drummer Christophe “Dom” Schneider on Instagram is a message that he was honored to play a new song by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet while he was last in space. In other words, Rammstein does most of the big things.

Ramstein supports Ukraine

At the same time that they broke the news of SET, they expressed their solidarity with Ukraine and protested against the Russian invasion. Rammstein has big supporters in both countries, and a huge commitment on a professional level as well. Vocalist Till Lindemann toured countries several times with his solo project, while the band itself was controversial in the eyes of Russian authorities after kissing guitarists Richard Crosby and Paul Landers during a concert in Moscow in support of Russian LGBTQ communities during the tour in 2019.

Watch the music video here:

But recently, last year, Lindemann recorded a Russian military song, Lubymi Gorod, which he also performed during a military festival in Moscow. Now all concerts in Russia have been canceled, and Til Lindemann, according to Deutsche Welle, in recent days has been engaged in volunteer work to receive Ukrainian refugees who come to Germany and Berlin by train.

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Ramstein to Oslo

According to a press release from Universal Music, two additional versions of the title track will be released: a meditative and neo-classical atmospheric arrangement version by Icelandic Ólafur Arnolds, and a remix by electric producer Robot Koch.

The epidemic was the reason for changing the original Norwegian dates at Granåsen in Trondheim to Big concert at Bjerke Travbane in Oslo While that. The sold-out concert on July 24 is part of a long European tour that kicks off in Leipzig in May.

The last time the band played in Oslo, they overturned Ullevål Stadium and smoked large parts of the city. In Dagsavisen’s review of the concert in the summer of 2019, he stated: “Live, Rammstein is bigger than the biggest, a giant obsessive obsessive monster who emerges as the perfect blend of the art scene they once emerged from and a well-oiled commercial product based on industrial heavy metals and melodic lyrical potential and rock Heavy, danceable.

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