NRK was taken to bed when “Oslolosen” appeared on TV 2

NRK was taken to bed when “Oslolosen” appeared on TV 2

Harald Eia’s character “Oslolosen” will lead a new show on TV 2, according to a press release. Here with Peter Northug.


– In the dialogue to hear what this is all about.

Peter Northug And Harald Ea Ready to be crowned Norway’s biggest “Winnerschkalle” among ten Norwegian celebrities, it was said in a Press release from TV 2 last week.

In the program “Vinnerschkalle”, with the premiere planned for February next year, Eia will appear as the character “Oslolosen”, as was clear from the press release.

For NRK, it was a surprise when TV 2 sent a press release about the new “Oslolosen” project, as journalists confirm.

– A little surprised

It’s been 15 years since Harald Eia launched “Oslolosen” on NRK, first appearing on the program “Uti vår hage 2” in 2008. The extensive Oslo guide also appeared in sketches on the program “Storbynatt” two years later.

Over the weekend, the entertainment editor responded Charlo Halvorsen Like this for the journalist’s question about how TV 2 can now use the well-known NRK personality:

– We are currently in dialogue with TV 2 just to hear what this is all about. But we are a little surprised that Oslosen is being used on a competing channel.

Other than that, Halvorsen is tight-lipped about how NRK will handle the comic character’s move to TV 2. It’s also difficult to say anything generally about the use of scores, saying:

– Some profiles provide us with grades, others undertake tasks with their own grades and even permanent employees develop grades at NRK. He writes such a broad spectrum in a text message.

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– It works as usual

TV 2’s press director confirms to Journalisten Jan Peter Dahl Communication between the media about personality.

– I can confirm that we are in dialogue with NRK about this matter, and there is really nothing to say now.

– Does the situation mean that there will be any changes in the date of the program’s premiere, for example?

– The project is proceeding normally until further notice.

– Should I have thought of this before?

– I have nothing to say except that we have a dialogue with NRK about this matter, concludes the press director.

Harald Ea himself says he doesn’t know much about the situation.

– I don’t know anything except that there is a dialogue. “This is usually something I don’t participate in,” says Ia.

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