Sophie Stray Spetalen: – New Flame (35) revealed

Sophie Stray Spetalen: - New Flame (35) revealed

smallest spatalin group, Sophie the stray leprosy (18), despite his young age, has become a well-known face in the country.

Not only the daughter of the investor Øystein Stray Spetalen (59)She also makes a big splash on both Instagram and TikTok, sharing song videos and glimpses of everyday life, among other things.

Now it could also seem that the 18-year-old has a spark in his life.

The king of nightlife

Recently, American nightlife king Darren Dzienciol (35), who was one of the people behind this spring’s star-studded Oscar party, shared several photos of the two of them together.

In an Instagram post with the text “Officially a resident of the EU,” Dziencol shared a total of ten photos, of which Spetalen and Dzienciol are photographed together in about half.

Tap the arrow on the right to scroll through the photos.

In the photos, the two pose together in different places, in different outfits. Among other things, there is a photo in which they appear together, in a long yellow dress, and in a black suit with a bow at the neck.

Sophie Spetalen appeared on Rød Løper at the custome awards, and we chatted with her about life. Video: Nora Scavog. Reporter: Catherine Belkey.
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on vacation together

The last of these 10 photos in the post were taken at the cabin of the Norwegian flame’s parents, Ostine and Charlotte Spitalin in Sandfjord.

At the time of writing, the post has garnered over 1,200 likes, and Spetalen himself has commented, probably sarcastically, “Schengen, he’s been staying over 90 days, block it” under this post.

There are also several people who have left comments targeting the 18-year-old, including “beautiful girl” followed by several hearts and “I love you”, with Spetalen also tagged in the comment.

The disease can also be seen in his photos in a publication from the beginning of March of this year, and in one of the photos his sister also appears. Jenny Stray leper (20) with. The photos in the publication show a holiday in Courchevel.

Charlotte Spitalin, 48, also posted a photo of Courchevel on Instagram, as did Sophie and Jenny. Looks like they’ve all been there on vacation together.

The man in these photos, 35-year-old Darren Dzienciol, is a well-known figure in the Los Angeles entertainment industry. He will be a close friend of Scott Disick (39), who Ex-Boyfriend Kourtney Kardashian (43).

Spetalen and Dzienciol are said to have met through mutual friends. She is currently located in Los Angeles, where he also lives.

More celebrity friends

The 35-year-old, among other things, played a big role in the opening of the well-known nightclub 1OAK, which It is referred to as “The hottest club in Los Angeles”. He is also one of the owners of the nightclub.

The nightclub is very popular among celebrities, and according to the magazine aircraft group Was he here Leonardo DiCaprio Celebrated (47) Golden Globe Awards.

It seems that Dzienciol himself was a close friend of many big celebrities and others Paris Hilton (41) and World famous rapper Tyga (32) is to look at his parties. also Rihanna He chose (34) to celebrate his birthday in a nightclub.

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Sophie Stray Spetalen is also no stranger to socializing with celebrities, and she’s accustomed to a life of luxury – which may come as no surprise when she’s the daughter of one of Norway’s richest men.

This summer, she diligently shared her life on Instagram, and according to the photos, she has recently traveled to Monaco, Italy, and California, among other places.

However, she not only travels, but has big ambitions for the future. I opened it in an interview with D2 . magazine in spring.

Here she says, among other things, that she started piano lessons when she was seven, and started writing songs shortly thereafter.

At the age of 14, Sophie released her first song “Over me” on the record company Sony Music Norge. At that time, she said in an interview with K They intend to invest in music education.

encrypted: Did Emma Ellingson Caught Flirting? At least you answer anonymously. Video: Jenny Emily As/Reality Awards.
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However, according to the interview with D2, educational aspirations have changed somewhat. There she told me that she plans to study law.

I see school as a gift, and dropping my focus on music wasn’t an option for me. She stated that I thought he was completely stupid.

Sophie still wants to venture into music:

– If it doesn’t work out, I can become a lawyer. She explained that this is why I always do music and schoolwork.

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