“The Game” on TV 2 – this is what we know about the second season

“The Game” on TV 2 – this is what we know about the second season

– Anything can happen, says TV 2's program director.

The South Korean concept, which premiered on TV 2 in February, has i On average, 900,000 Norwegians gathered in front of television screens.

Gave references VG Five roll dice program.

– We thought it would be good, but it would be very well received, and we didn't have the courage to hope right away, says program director Trygve Ronningen to VG.

In March, the second season of “the game».

Trygve Ronningen
<-Trygve Ronningen

Program director at TV 2

Ronningen finds it difficult to answer what made the program such a huge success.

– The honest answer is I'm not entirely sure, but there's one thing that's exciting about the show – it's unpredictability. The voice decides and the actors are great. The panel is also a new narrative technique, and the sum of everything means that this stands out as something different from what you've seen on Norwegian TV before.

Photo: Studio Pinnacle/TV2

– How can you spend so much money on a concept that you don't know is successful?

– It tickles my stomach. Creating such large programs is very risky.

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Rønningen wouldn't say how much money the game cost TV 2, other than that it “costs a lot.”

– I can say it another way, which is that when you have such a huge success, it is profitable for second television.

New: The committee discusses and analyzes during the program. Image: TV2

Secret about season 2

When asked what the show's director could say about Season 2, he said, “Nothing,” and laughed.

– There will be a second season, I can say that. Many are wondering if a second season of “the game“And the answer: Yes, it is. But it probably won't be a house with a basement. That's the beauty of the game, anything can happen here.

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Ronningen says recording for Season 2 has not yet begun.

The South Korean version of the show is called “Bloody Game” and is produced by MBC.

The second season of this show was filmed in Bali.

-The Korean version was also a huge hit in Korea. The second season was even more brutal compared to the first season, MBC's head of sales and international relations, Jan Hoare, wrote in an email to VG.

Hoare also does not want to reveal anything about how the second season will be in Norway, writing, “(…) We do not want to reveal the details.”

The element of surprise

– part of “the game» It is the element of surprise, how will you be able to achieve this?

– That's the nature of the game, anything can happen. It is the sound of the cube that determines the “game plan.” Now I realize that you can make a “poor/rich transition,” but there are many other transitions you can make when everything is at stake.

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– Do you think you will be able to engage people without them realizing that it is the “game” they will be participating in?

– The thing, which is true of all TV shows, is that when you do a first season, it's always a little scary. This was the case with “Love Island” and “The Farm” as well. But then it settles down a bit, and you get into it too. For those who will be participating in Season 2 of “The Game,” I can promise you there will be surprises there as well.

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