Drake has set an application log – VG

Drake has set an application log - VG
SUPERSTAR: Drake at the Billboard Music Awards in Los Angeles last year.

Drake (35) can boast another victory.


Data app Shazam says the Canadian rapper is the service’s most searched artist of all time.

Shazam gives its users the opportunity to search for music that is playing in the room or in the surroundings and then inform them about the song and the artist behind the music.

Drake – or Aubrey Drake Graham, as he was originally called – would do so according to apple It has been searched over 350 million times. Songs that Drake contributes to are also included.

The song that most people want to know about its origin is “One Dance” from 2016. It alone has been searched over 17 million times.

Shazam saw the light in the year 2002, and thus is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. When Apple bought the app in 2018, it must have been priced at around NOK 4 billion.

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Canadian rapper Drake, 35, paid tribute to Seydou Moss Walla for wearing a T-shirt with a picture of him…

However, that’s not the only record that Drake can boast of lately. Recently enlightened American painting That the 35-year-old has surpassed the Beatles’ record for number of hit songs in the top five on the Billboard Hot 100 – a record that the Beatles held for 55 years.

This record came thanks to the new song “Staying Alive”, in collaboration with DJ Khaled and Lil Bibi. ‘Survival’ gave birth to Straight to fifth this week.

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However, the VG reviewer was not a fan and gave the song a like two on death – With the description of “weakest invention of the week”.

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