Honestly, Thomas Nomi | Honestly: Thomas Nome (53)

Honestly, Thomas Nomi |  Honestly: Thomas Nome (53)

You are now reading the “Erlig talt” column, a regular column in Nettavisen where famous and interesting people answer a series of regular questions about themselves, their opinions, their daily life and the important things in life – plus some quick recommendations!

Thomas Nomi is a man of many talents, having worked as a journalist, actor and presenter. He is best known for his talk show “Sinquefeld with Thomas and Harald”, which he hosted with Harald Runeberg for 15 years.

Please, you are here:

name: Thomas Nome
age: 53
marital status: Married to Annette
What’s your name in SoMe? @thomnumm
Senior: Sandefjord
Live now: Oslo
Workplace: Plan B
How to navigate in daily life: Trams, buses, cars and taxis

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What’s keeping you busy now?
-There is a lot of injustice happening around the world.

What is your most controversial position?
– I have many of them.

What are you proud of having achieved over the past year?
-I am proud that both my children have settled in Bergen and Edinburgh. And that my daughter, who still lives at home, has gone through the life saving course and practice like a goddess.

Introvert or extrovert? introvert
Right from the beginning or a cloud of conflict? I’m 100% conflict shy until I’m provoked enough to not be
Was it carefully planned or just dealt with as it came? Take it as little as it comes, unfortunately
Save or splurge? Treats
“Dax18” or “The Farm”? Yes, thank you both
Board games or PlayStation? It must be a board game. I’m so bad at playing PlayStation that my kids laugh at me

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When was the last time you cried and why?
– I am influenced by news, sports moments, and TV series. They are moved by quite a lot actually.

What is the most dramatic thing you have experienced?
– He was robbed at gunpoint in Nice.

What’s the bravest thing you’ve done?
– I refused to have the same thief give me the shirt because I got it from my friend.

And… when was the last time you lost your mind?
– It happens at least twice a day.

What is the thing you regret most in life?
-I regret everything I didn’t finish. Maybe he was a bastard who played the piano and spoke fluent French.

Who/what would you like to pay tribute to and why?
– My wife, Annette! Because she is my rock and I have so much to thank her for.

What makes you angry?
– mistake.

Give us some quick recommendations!

Book/newspaper/magazine: I’m listening to a lot of podcasts at the moment, “Updated”, “Skitbyen”, “Musikkrommet”, “Opptur”
Series/Movie: I’m currently watching Tina Jorgensen’s documentary Macta. Or I highly recommend “Happy Valley” to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet
music: Bihari. I play with him a lot
So Me Account: Enjoying my time with @badesken
Food and drink: It goes well with French food with good wine and Asian food with corresponding beer
holiday destination: Sri Lanka

What are you most looking forward to now?
– Is it too early to say Christmas?

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And frankly:

Pineapple on pizza? Yay or nay?
– Nah.

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