Pernilla Walgreens: – Facing Adversity:

Pernilla Walgreens: - Facing Adversity:

It is currently building Swedish pop star Pernilla Wahlgren (54) His dream villa on Lidingö Island in Stockholm.

However, the large construction projects that can cause difficulties cannot be underestimated, which is what the 54-year-old experienced while working on the luxury villa.

The ongoing construction project is nothing but a bed of roses. She tells it in a new episode of the podcast “Wahlgren & Westam”which the songbird combines with Lieutenant-Colonel Sophia Westam (56).

Express Among the media covering the issue.

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The thought is completely wrong

The luxury villa, which is starting to take shape, is planned to have an area of ​​300 square meters with plenty of open and luminous spaces. However, the project took much longer than the songbird first expected.

Kitchen and bathroom appliances will soon be delivered to the house, but the location of the villa has created an obstacle in this part of the building project.

– Now it’s almost time to hand over the kitchen, bathroom and all the big things, but it won’t make it home. I have to hire a crane to get them into the house. How much does it cost? Wahlgren asks.

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In connection with this, she made an appeal to her followers who are thinking of building a house.

To those who plan to build a house on a mountain – think again, says Walgreens.

The 54-year-old did not say who was responsible for the delays and setbacks, but adds that there were some people who “thought completely wrong” about the construction process.

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– skeptical

When Wistam Wahlgren asks if she has an appointment to equip the luxury villa, she answers:

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– Only when I feel suspicious, and I don’t believe anything when they say certain dates. I guess I’m going to switch to some sort of temporary – that the house will be ready but the plot is going to look absolutely horrible.

She is nonetheless optimistic, adding that she believes the villa will be fine when it is finally ready.

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