Cato Zahl Pedersen submitted a competition claim to TV 2 in Farmen kendis

Cato Zahl Pedersen submitted a competition claim to TV 2 in Farmen kendis

The penultimate duel of the winter season in “Farmen kjendis” is approaching, and it became dramatic in Wednesday's episode when top farmer Emilie Foy Neering (28 years old) chose Kato Zal Pedersen (65 years old) as the first champion. It aroused strong emotions, both within the farm and among viewers.

– He understands that rumors have arisen

On Sunday, Pedersen will have to choose who he wants to meet in a duel, a match that naturally includes fewer disciplines to choose from, due to the 65-year-old's handicap.

When he was 14 years old, he climbed a high-voltage pole, where his body received 17,000 volts, resulting in the amputation of both arms.

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– Expect something fair

This means that whoever Pedersen picks on Sunday has only four branches to choose from: Knowledge, Horseshoes, Barrel Chess, and Fajala Balancing Exercise.

One of the participants of “Farmen kjendis” told Dagbladet that he had not been in meetings with TV 2 before the dialogue about exercises that he himself thought might be appropriate.

– The only thing I communicated is that I do not want to participate in influencing the branches that have to adapt to me. I didn't want to know, he told Dagbladet.

Crying: Kato Zal Pedersen could not hold back his tears after being chosen as the first champion.  Image: Screenshot/TV2

Crying: Kato Zal Pedersen could not hold back his tears after being chosen as the first champion. Image: Screenshot/TV2
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— but I also said I expected them to adapt it to something “fair.” I didn't want to come to a competition where it might look like “Cato got what he wanted.” I've been clear about that. I was also clear that it had to be fair, he reveals.

-We did something completely illegal

-We did something completely illegal

TV 2: – Talk to him

TV 2's press director, Jan Peter Dahl, confirms to Dagbladet that the channel spoke with Pedersen about the matter before the recording took place.

– Production spoke with him and Ann Kat. (Herland, 51 years old, editor's note) In advance about what will be difficult to compete in and what is possible in terms of fair competition. Based on that, we've created some new duels.

Dahl continues:

– Everyone should have the opportunity to win and lose fairly, and it was important for everyone to have the opportunity to compete in physical disciplines.

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– What is the reason behind choosing these four branches exactly?

– What was important to Production and TV 2 was that everyone should have an equal opportunity to compete and win, and that everyone should be able to stand on the starting line and know that the competition is fair. This is also about respecting the opponent. The opponent should be allowed to give everything he can to win, not feel like he has to take the opponent into account.

I did not receive a message: - Sting

I did not receive a message: – Sting

Can't influence

The production team was supposed to talk to the first champion of the week about what was possible and not for him to compete in, but with a certain reservation.

– He was not allowed to submit proposals for competitions or influence the type of branches joining them. It was a casting made with TV 2. The production also did some auditions with both Cato and Anne-Kat. Upon their arrival to ensure that the branches are workable and fair.

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When asked which branches would be suitable for Herland, who is severely visually impaired but nonetheless withdrew from the program in the second week, Dahl explained that it would depend on which gender she would eventually meet in a potential duel.

This is how the tobacco influx happened

This is how the tobacco influx happened

– If she were to meet a girl, the branches that could be chosen were axe, saw, tug of war, hammer, milk bucket, knowledge, horseshoe, and barrel chess, while if she were to meet a boy in a duel, milk pail, knowledge, horseshoe and barrel chess were branches. Possibly, says TV 2 press director Jan Peter Dahl to Dagbladet.

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