Vixen, famous | Frederic Solvang surprised at the celebrity party: – It’s shocking to me, and

Vixen, famous |  Frederic Solvang surprised at the celebrity party: - It's shocking to me, and

Celebrities flocked to Gamle Logen for this year’s Vixen Awards.

Game Login / OSLO (Nettavisen): Friday night, Gamle Logen in Oslo is filled with influencers and familiar faces, all excited about whether they’ll run away with one of this year’s Vixen Awards.

Finalists compete in 16 categories, in everything from food and travel to entertainment and fashion. But before it was known who got away with the prestigious awards, the stage was set for a star-studded red carpet inside the party room.

Surprised on the red carpet

Among the people who have surprised the most on the red carpet is Frederic Solvang, host of “The Debate”. He was also previously nominated for Vixen, but was not present during the actual distribution.

This year Solvang was nominated in the “Strong Meaning of the Year” category, and he himself was somewhat surprised that he actually appeared on the red carpet at the star-studded celebrity party.

“It’s shocking to me,” he told Nettavizen of his presence.

He added that he was present because he was nominated, and that the appearance at that time was polite and proper.

By his side on the red carpet was Solvang’s stepson Jonas, who may have had a little finger in the game for why Solvang came out this year.

– Did you pay him a little to come?

“Maybe a little,” said his step-son, laughing.

Watch the full interview with Solvang in the video at the top of the issue!

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face accusations

Spouses Monica and Chris News were among the first to appear on the red carpet, and they made no secret of the fact that they were looking forward to a party.

– It’s fun to be here. It’s always a little nerve-wracking, we’re not used to this red carpet, but it’s fun to be social,” Monica Niehaus told Nettavisen of tonight’s party.

On the red carpet, the couple also faced recent accusations that they were accused of, among other things, of buying followers. Both stubbornly denied it. See what they said about the case in the video:

First time vixen

Leah Isadora Behn is only 16 years old, but she’s already made it big as an influencer.

This year she was nominated for her first Vixen Award, in the “Effects of the Year: Beauty” category. Appearing on the red carpet in an elegant outfit, she made no secret of her enthusiasm:

“I am very excited and nervous, looking forward,” Nettavisen told.

Lea Isadora Behn’s mother, Princess Märtha Luz, was present at the awards ceremony, but she wasn’t on the red carpet.

– I brought my mother because I had to bring an adult, and my mother should be behind me, says the 16-year-old, adding that she made her mother work in the evenings. Watch the video below to hear what the Princess does!

Alone on the red carpet

Liva Ingebrigtsen was also in place before tonight’s awards ceremony. She was among those who were nominated for one of the most generous awards – “People’s Favorite”.

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She does not hide from Nettavisen that it is a recession.

– I was very surprised when I saw it. I don’t know what to say, I think it’s very sick, she said, adding that she did not attend any thank-you letter.

Ingbrigtsen had no children for the occasion, and it was her husband, Henrik Ingbrigtsen, who was at home with the children.

Henrik is at home with the kids, because he travels to boot camp on Sundays and is away for four weeks. His wife said he prioritizes some time with the girls before he leaves.

Perhaps the most daring outfit of the evening was Fetisha Williams. See what she has to say about the outfit in the video below:

Amazed at the character

Comedian Odd Magnus Williamson was among the biggest surprises on the red carpet. He appeared in the character “Tina” – known from “Tina and Bitina”.

Tina told Nettavisen that she was the one who started the vlog “back in the days” and should therefore receive an honorary award tonight.

Williamson’s wife, Nettavisen was not afraid that she was fired from her husband’s stunt. See what she had to say about the surprise and at the same time get an update on what stands between “Tina” and “Bettina” – played by Henrik Thodesen, in the video below:

Share good news

David Eriksen was also at the party tonight, bringing his girlfriend and daughter with him. On the red carpet they can reveal a piece of news that is likely to make fans cheer.

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The family can actually share that there was a new season of the reality series that had Norwegians sitting in front of screens earlier this year, “Everybody Loves David.”

– It will be a new season, yes. We may not be allowed to say that, but there will be a new season, Eriksen told Nettavisen.

See photos from the red carpet below:

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