Bjarne Brøndbo has emerged from the corona

Bjarne Brøndbo has emerged from the corona

DDE star Bjarne Brøndbo, 57, went to Christmas with a positive coronavirus test. The artist tells NRK.

Two days before Brundbow tested positive, his brother, DD.E, drummer Esquil Brundbow, was diagnosed with COVID-19. Bjarne Brøndbo was upset when his sense of taste and smell changed, and it was no surprise that his test result came back positive.

I got really sick

Thus, the whole family went to Christmas with corona disease, and, according to the artist himself, they were all expelled.

– I was absolutely sure that I would never understand it. I used to think I wouldn’t get sick, but now I do. Brondbow says he is really sick.

The Trøndelag man feared the disease would exceed the capacity of his voice and lungs, but he is now fortunately on the path to recovery.

Even my sense of taste and smell is on its way back, so I am now looking forward to life. Now he says it’s just about not eating too much.


DDE turns 30 this year, and in that respect she is in the process of preparing for a concert in the Trondheim Spectrum at the end of March.

It’s still too early to say if concerts can be held, but Brundbow was crystal clear in his speech. If there is a concert, it will be an all-time experience for both the band and the audience.

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