June 6, 2023


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Kenza Zouiten Sobosek: - Offers the luxury apartment

Kenza Zouiten Sobosek: – Offers the luxury apartment

With over 1.7 million followers on Instagram, he Zouiten Subosic Sweater (31) To be one of the biggest influencers in Sweden. With a strong following, it’s also no secret that those who live on social media can make money even keeping salt in their porridge – and that’s okay.

Recently, Kenza was also able to share the good news that she and her family moved into their newly renovated apartment that she and her husband Alex Sobosek, 37, purchased just over a year ago.

The couple has since last summer been renovating their new home, a process that the influencer has seriously shared with his followers.

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dream kitchen

She also now shows on Instagram the luxury ready-made apartment, which, among other things, consists of sinuous parquet, stucco, and a chandelier.

«Hello dream kitchen. I really have to pinch my arms every day when I get up and go here for my morning coffee,” she wrote in mid-May to a photo of the family’s new kitchen.

She further explained that they wanted a timeless kitchen along the way, but she would never have dreamed that it would be so cute.

In another post, she also showed off the dining room, but noted that it would take some time before they had all the furniture in place.

“Can’t wait to share more photos with you on the road and also show off the before and after renovations. It took me nearly nine months, so it was a big task,” she wrote.

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Kenza and her husband got married in the summer of 2017, and together they had two sons. In other words, there is no doubt that they have enough to hang their fingers with two young children and a new home and a career.

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