June 8, 2023


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Johnny Depp scissors sold for over 800,000 crowns - VG

Johnny Depp scissors sold for over 800,000 crowns – VG

Film form: Johnny Depp as Edward Scissors in the 1991 Hollywood production.

Johnny Depp (59) used twice as many scissors 31 years ago as experts predicted.


TMZ Reports say the gem was hammered for $81,250, or more than 810,000 crowns, at auction.

Propstore, an auction company selling popular movie paraphernalia, announced in May that the scissors hand would be sold. Then Johnny Depp was in the middle of one A fiery trial and six weeks Against his ex-wife Amber Heard (36).

When the auction was announced, experts expected the scissors hand to reach half of what it now landed on.

TMZ sources have been in touch, say so Deb’s crushing victory over Heard in court, it led to quite a bit of interest.

Sold: The scissors Depp used in the movie.

Depp is currently in Norway. he is country yesterday With Jeff Beck (77), she will perform the first of the four Norwegian concerts in Oslo next Friday.

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After the loss in court, Heard stated in a major televised interview with NBC. There remember my scissors hands. After the journalist confronted her about Depp’s attorney’s allegations that she lied in court, Heard responded:

And it comes from the lawyer who has convinced the scientist that he has scissors in his hand.

Depp’s motorcycle used in the 1990 movie “Cry Baby” will also be auctioned. Starting price 2.5 million NOK.

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This is where Depp lands a private jet in Gardermoen on Tuesday: