February 8, 2023


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Bianca Ingroso: - Races on the Palma holiday:

Bianca Ingroso: – Races on the Palma holiday:

Swedish Bianca Ingrosso (27) They, like many others, have chosen to travel abroad to enjoy the sun and warmth this summer.

while her mother Pernilla Walgreens (54) Ingroso spends the summer at two vacation homes in Marbella, Spain, and has taken a trip to the Spanish holiday paradise of Palma de Mallorca.

The influencer previously described Mallorca as her second home, but this time, it was unaffected.

Ingrosso took to Instagram to share his displeasure, which nonetheless led to the reaction of famous Aftonbladet blogger, France (27).

– Do not travel

On Monday, the influencer warned his 1.3 million Instagram followers against serving on the island.

Photo: screenshot / Instagram

Photo: screenshot / Instagram
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“We just lost the sun beds we booked. Don’t go to Palma, haha. You don’t get a sunbed, lunch or dinner, and the service on the whole island is so bad! People have to travel to Sweden to see the friendly and professional service. Next year we’ll go to Saint Tropez instead, haha,” she captioned a photo of a swimming pool and green trees.

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The reason Ingroso and her traveling companions lost the sunbeds they had booked was because they didn’t arrive in time. Writes Aftonbladet bloggerreferring to another Instagram story that the influencer allegedly shared.

The number of people Ingroso travels with is uncertain, but based on her posts on the photo-sharing platform, it might appear that they are a large group.

“Who would have thought it would be crowded on Spain’s most important tourist island during peak season in August!” Aftonbladets-Frans i . writes Blog post.

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Moreover, he writes, among others:

“It’s perhaps no surprise that you can’t book a same-day table for large groups at Palma’s most popular restaurants in high season, but no matter where you go in the summer, it usually takes a little planning if you’re a large group.”

Mallorca is a very popular destination for tourists in summer, therefore Mallorca Daily Bulletin Almost all island hotels were fully booked in July.

In Palma and the northern part of the island, up to 95 percent of hotel capacity was reached in parts of July.

Huge argument: In “The World of Wahlgren”, a great controversy took place between Pernilla and Bianca.
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Bought a dream apartment in Mallorca

In 2021, the influencer purchased an apartment on Holiday Island, which she shared on Instagram last March.

“Oh my God. I just bought my dream apartment in Mallorca,” she wrote, sharing a photo from an apartment overlooking the island.

The island of Mallorca is famous for the influencer as her father Emilio Ingrosso lived there for many years with his wife Åsa.

Through the reality series “Wolgren’s World”, and on social media, the influencer said several times that she was tired of staying in hotels while visiting her father.

However, not everything went according to plan with the 27-year-old’s apartment.

This spring, her mother talked about the purchase on an episode of the podcast “Wahlgren og Wistam”, which she compiled with her friend Sophia Westam (56).

summer vacation: We had a chat with the celebrities about their vacation plans. Video: Red Runner. Storytelling: Nora Scavog
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– She bought an apartment to be built in Mallorca, but it took too long and was postponed, perhaps because of the epidemic. So you will have to wait and see. She Walgreens, referred to in Express.

It is unclear how things are going today with the apartment bought by Ingroso.

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