Actor Tommy Carlsen Sandom dies – NRK Culture & Entertainment

Actor Tommy Carlsen Sandom dies – NRK Culture & Entertainment

Tommy Carlsen Sandom was found dead at his home in Oslo on Tuesday, NRK has learned.

He lived to be 48 years old. The cause of death is currently unknown.

The family confirms the death to NRK.

– We are devastated. Tommy was inalienable to us. Now we ask for peace in grief, they write in an email.

The actor is best known for his roles as Proffen in the 'Pelle and Proffen' films in the 1990s and the character Arne in the TV series 'Lilyhammer' which ran from 2012 to 2014.

Sandom has also been among the most used voice actors in the country over the past 20 years. Among other things, he performed the Norwegian voice of Donald Duck and Shrek.

He also had a number of supporting roles in series such as “third eye” And “Caesar's Hotel” and in films such as “Savages” And “There is nothing to laugh at”In addition to reading many audio books.

Last year he played one of the main roles in the play “Veps” with the Grünerløkka Guerilla Theater.

– An incredibly sad day

Actor Havard Bakke (49 years old) played the role of Pelle in the films “Pelle and the Pro”.

-This is an incredibly sad day. He says: I lost one of my best friends of 25 years, someone I shared a quite unique story with when we were teenagers.

Havard Bakke and Tommy Carlsen in Oslo S.

Photo: Sarah Hoynes

Baki describes Sandome as very kind, loyal and well-intentioned.

He had a large circle of admirers around him. He says Tommy was a man who was easy to love.

It was a shock to him to receive the news of his death.

-You don't have to die when you're 48 years old. Bucky says: This doesn't make sense.

-Forever grateful to have the two of us

The breakthrough of the “Pelle and the Pro” movies was a difficult one for two teenage boys, Bakke says.

Tommy Carlsen and Havard Bakke

Havvard Back (right) with Tommy Carlsen on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Pelle og Proffen.

Photo: Sarah Hoynes

-We are sharing a story that no one else in this country has experienced. He says that there was no one who experienced what we went through in the 1990s in the same way as we did in Norway.

Pak is happy to be able to stand in the spotlight with Sandom.

-I'm forever grateful to have the two of us. The fact that we were able to support and help each other through that was invaluable to us coming out of that experience the way we did,” he says.

Stay in touch

Eva Isaksen, director of the film “Døden på Oslo S”, learned of Håvard Båk's death on Tuesday evening.

-You go into complete shock. It is not expected that a 48-year-old would die and disappear. Tommy was an incredibly likeable man with a warm sense of humour, very kind and helpful.

She has been in contact with Havard Bakke and Tommy Carlsen Sandom, among others, over the years.

– It was special that they needed adult support in everything they went through. We had many conversations about what fame could bring. As Havard said, no one but Tommy could understand that.

Eva Isaksen with Havard Bakke and Tommy Carlsen Sandom.

Eva Isaksen kept in touch with Tommy Carlsen Sandom and Håvard Bäke in the years following Death in Oslo S. The photo is from approximately 2019.

Photo: Philip Isaksen

When they made the film, they did something that Norsk had never done before. They invited 1,000 young people to cast their votes. One day they saw a boy with red hair, and they thought he could play the role of a professional.

– It was difficult to choose the professional, because he was supposed to have a lot of qualities. Kind but suspicious of Pele's every whim. He was very intelligent at heart, and at the same time very sympathetic. Deep down, it's a film about love and friendship.

It is very popular

The films about Billy and Proven, “Døden på Oslo S” (1990), “Giftige Løgner” (1992) and “De blå ulvene” (1993), were based on books by Ingvar Ambjörnsen and created wild conditions in the cities where the main actors went On the launch tour to.

In 1990, twice as many people saw “Death in Oslo S” as “Home Alone”.

According to NRK's ​​30th anniversary issue of “Death in Oslo S”, the duo, among other things, had to evacuate from a venue in Ålesund because fans were “stunned”.

-A big man with a big heart

“Lilyhammer,” which first aired on Netflix and later on NRK, was also a pioneer for Netflix. The series was the first in which they published all its episodes at the same time. Additionally, this was the streaming giant's first original production.

Among those who played with Sandum in “Lilyhammer” was Trond Fausa Aurvåg. He says they got to know each other well during recordings made in places like Rio and Los Angeles, as well as Lillehammer.

-I will remember him as a big man with a big heart. An exceptionally thoughtful and likeable man. It is truly a tragedy that he is gone.

Lily hammer

Tommy Carlsen Sandom (center) played with Steinar Sajen (left) and Trond Fausa Örväg in three seasons of “Lillehammer”.

Photo: Berit Roald/NTB scanpix

Fridtjof Saheim also got to know Sandom well during the filming of the series, and kept in touch with him afterwards.

-Tommy was a basic person. A loyal and good friend, and a kind and responsive colleague. Incredibly kind man.

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