Inderøy, Gangstad gårdsysteri | John Cleese jokes with Enderoi cheese

Inderøy, Gangstad gårdsysteri |  John Cleese jokes with Enderoi cheese

(Nation): It is perhaps not surprising that a world champion would receive global attention.

But the fact that Nidelven Blå’s success should go to one of the most famous comedians in world history, John Cleese, probably came out of the blue.

Cheese-conscious Norwegians who follow the comedian on X (formerly Twitter) had good reason to stare on Saturday, when Cleese mentioned the Norwegian victory.

“I see that Norwegian blue cheese has won first place in the World Cheese Championships. This is the first parrot-flavored cheese to win an award.he is writing.

The message went viral on the website and was liked more than 11,000 times. Moreover, it received more than 530 comments.

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“Norwegian Blue”

The Nation has been in touch with Cleese, and asked him if he had anything he would like to say to the award winner from Inderøy. The comedian’s answer is clear and straightforward:

– Me, no.

For those who are now confused by the ad, and why Cleese’s thinks it’s the first parrot-flavored cheese to win an award: here’s the explanation:

Cleese is best known as part of the comedy group “Monte Phaeton”, which since its inception in 1969 has been successful in, among other things, the TV series “Monty Phaeton’s Flying Circus” and the film “Life of Brian”. The film was of its time Banned in Norway After the blasphemy segment, where a parody of Jesus is depicted.

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In one famous skit from the aforementioned TV series, a disgruntled customer walks into a pet store with a dead parrot. In the drawing, the parrot’s breed is said to be “Norwegian Blue”.


However, it turns out that Nidelven Blå is by no means the first “parrot-flavored” cheese to win an award.

Cleese’s attentive social media followers, who have a good knowledge of cheese, make the comedian aware that Polly-O’s “String Cheese Mozzarella” won a bronze medal during the Santa Maria di Castellabate Cheese Festival in 1989.

Cleese also probably didn’t realize that this wasn’t the first time Norwegian blue cheese had won. Tingvoll Osts Kraftkar, which won in 2016, is also a blue cheese.

The Nation admits it would be very funny to refer to Cleese as Cheese, but chose not to.

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